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Five Important Characteristics That A Fire Warden Course Can Teach You

Fire wardens are people who are responsible for guaranteeing the reduction of fire threats in the work area, putting out fires, as well as ensuring the safety of people in case this emergency breaks out. By taking a thorough Evac chair training, they're trained to deal with these situations with confidence, so that they can effectively keep individuals protected from harm.

Because such individuals play an important role in ensuring the safety of employees, they need to have all the essential qualities to guarantee that they can perform their duties and obligations properly. Listed here are a few of these traits which you can develop once you acquire a fire warden course.

1) Presence of mind

In cases of emergencies, it is possible that the people in a building will freak out and become nervous. And if you are a designated fire warden, you must learn how to be calm even in time of these high-pressure situations. Hence, you must be able to remain rational even if everybody else around you is distressed and frightened so that you can keep other people safe.

2) Physical fitness

Another quality that these people need to possess is good physical shape. During emergency situations, you'll need to move around a lot because you're assigned to direct people out of the building and make sure no one is hurt. And that's why it is really important that you're healthy. If you are not in good condition, then you might have problems keeping yourself safe, and in turn, also have a hard time evacuating others.

3) Profound knowledge of fire safety

While you’re undertaking a fire warden course, you'll thoroughly understand all of the essential things about fire safety. With the aid of your instructors, you'll be fully informed on how to utilise various safety equipment such as blankets and extinguishers. On top of that, you'll also learn the procedures to follow during actual emergency situations. Furthermore, you will be taught about safety and health at work, as well as your legal liabilities concerning fire prevention. And so, this will strengthen your understanding of the subject, and you'll definitely become more successful at your job of keeping other people unharmed.

4) Exceptional leadership skills

Since you're responsible for accompanying individuals out of the establishment during emergency situations, it's necessary that you learn how to be a good leader. When you have this attribute, you'll be able to confidently tell individuals what they must do next during such circumstances. And when you can guide these people appropriately, then you can evacuate them effectively and easily.

5) Attentiveness

Ultimately, being observant is an important attribute that fire wardens must possess. Why, you ask? Because when you're inspecting your building for fire threats, being attentive will help you see unsafe areas in your property much quicker. These may comprise of defective electric devices, obstructed emergency exits, and crammed electrical sockets. And when you identify such threats, you'll be able to prevent emergency situations from occurring.

These are just some of the important traits that a fire warden should possess. When a person takes a fire warden course and improves these attributes, then the hazards in a property will be lessened. Hence, your building will be less likely to be affected by a fire.