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Re: Re: Where did everyone go?

now there are 460 online. makin art phshifffftel


Where did everyone go?

The last couple of months of rhizome have left me wondering what is happening out there. Right now there are 1665 online where are the posts that reflect this, hopefully, diverse and engaged bunch of peeps. Where are the posts about the woefully inadequate nature of new media art? Is everyone hanging out at a second life gallery opening? Google Sprachenwerkzeugubersetzungen verletzten mein Gehirn. What is one to do?


A respnonse to Interview with Angelo Vermeulen post

You are right Marisa, the interview was a good read. An interesting thread has been going through the posts latley and as I read them and follow different links I feel that there is a bit of a perspectival(?is that a word) shift in electronic arts. It seems as though the frensy of
attributing links between art+science, mediaart+filmtheory have subsided, and the idea of objects can be spoken of again.


Re: SOUND ART in a LIMO Project

Matt Smith ran the AUDIOMOBILE an artist run limo, which mapped cities with sound. I think the limo is out of commission now but there is an archive on the website.


Dispatx Art Collective

Hi Rhiz,
I have started posting on Dispatx's website a new work in progress titled "Liquid Prairie". I will be walking and mapping, in stages, the Red River Floodway; a 46km diversion around the City of Winnipeg. You can follow along over the four months and watch the snow melt and the water flood the prairie.
There are also 18 other projects that will be developing as well.

Here is an introduction to who Dispatx is and what they do, taken from the site.
"Dispatx is a curatorial platform that provides the tools of a socialised internet for the development and presentation of contemporary art and literature. It was created in 2004 by Oliver Luker, Vanessa Oniboni and David Stent.

The website functions both as a rigorous concept-space for the exploration of the creative method - the organizational process which translates creative vision into creative product - and as an exhibition space for concluded works."

visit and explore