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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: the unrepublic of art

One large vacuum tube, preferably large enough to contain cacti flower. Tube must be wrapped in fabric, ivory is prefered but will accept any shade of beige.


Re: Re: Re: the unrepublic of art

Jacky is making some important points that seem to be ignored in these current posts.
As "no man is an island" the same goes for art.

As to my previous post on the b b b b b boringness of this topic the posts are always couched in a framework that has romantic tendencies, as well, there seems to be undertones of desperation and personal crisis. Perhaps the crisis is that, while maintaining these notions of art which are arrived at through the values of individuality, objectivity, and ownership, an art has emerged that does not fit into these criteria.

To me a continual assertion of individualism denotes a desire for control.


Re: the unrepublic of art

Come on, you guys can do better than this!!!
b b b b b b boring