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then again

I don't apologize, you should have known better with an artist lik me.


Max Herman, spoof

Through the gentleness of his spirit, Eric Dymond has given me access to his Rhizome account for posting,this began in 2002.
I was off list and needed access.
Recently he has complained that I have abused the spirit of this right.
I must apologize for any misunderstanding or confusion.
Most of the posts over the last 2 years to this account originate from me. I feel badly, but admit that access to a valid account is addictive, and I should be admonoshed apprpriately. I must add that I think my posts were timely and effective.
I will not be using this account again.
yours truly,
Max Herman
remember genius2000


Re: Cooking the Right Wing

> I hope you enjoy these dishes and continue to listen to the Rolling
> Stones.

and don't forget Elvis
and none of it makes sense to this day.


Re: Re: both ways? nike+batman

Eryk Salvaggio wrote:
> Whether it is good or bad (it's both) has nothing to do with it: your
> property is being seized and redistributed.
or it is going to be viral, infective and alter the culture that tries to consume it.


Re: Re: R2D2: Conceptual Art

ryan griffis wrote:

> speaking of Smithson... did you ever see that video he and Nancy Holt
> made about East Coast vs West Coast artists. Pretty funny. much more
> so
> than the infamous Robert Irwin - Frank Stella conversation.
Yes, it's a great send up, Smithson is so cool and laid back, and pretending to be a real hippie. Holt is perfect as the New York anal retentive promoted by the media( and curators/critics) at the time.
If only
> Tupac and Biggie could have laughed at themselves like that. ;)
thats funny
> anyway... speaking of coasts, what about the coast in the middle (the
> Great Lakes)? as a recent LA expat and regularly nomadic person, i
> can
> say nomadism is way over romanticized.

No doubt, but I meant to point out that there is no center to go to, and you actually can go home again ;-)