Els Vermang

Member Since January 2, 2007

LAb[au] _ Laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism

The technological developments of the past thirty years have given rise to a major shift from the industrial to the post-industrial information society, where the unit of information, its structures, processes and systems, increasingly define the notions of body, matter, space and time. It introduces in its definitions new parameters such as immersion and interactivity (perception/cognition) but also the one of networks (shared resources / tele-presence) as the one of materiality (analogue / digital) - among many other aspects. Technologies based on the transmission and computation of information more and more influence organization models as well as their spatialization.
According to this technological progress, LAb|au| developed a transdisciplinary and collaborative methodology and examines the transformation of architecture, art and design within a practice entitled ‘MetaDeSIGN’. Metadesign [meta = information about information] displays the theme of space- and time constructs relative to information processes - architecture as a code. It concerns the transposition of inFORMational processes in n-dimensional ( visual, sonic, spatial, … ) form.
Founded in 1997 and based in Brussels, LAb[au] mainly creates interactive artworks, audiovisual performances and scenographies, for which it develops its own software and interfaces. Its four members (Manuel Abendroth, Jerome Decock, Alexandre Plennevaux and Els Vermang) also run since 2003 a digital design gallery, "MediaRuimte", in the centre of Brussels.

LAb[au] has exhibited its work at Sonar (Barcelona, 2004), New Museaum (New York, 2003), Nabi Art Center (Seoul, 2003), Bauhaus (Dessau, several times), ICA (London, 2002), Louvre (Paris, 2000), Ars Elektronica (Linz, 1999), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, several times), NAI ( Rotterdam, 1998) among many others.

Official website: www.lab-au.com
Contact: lab-au@lab-au.com