David Chien
Since 2004
Works in Houston, Texas United States of America

David Chien is a netArtist, installation artist, cartoonist, technologist, sculpturor and sticker maker based in the California Bay Area, USA. More of his work can be seen at the following locations:

- http://nakedgremlin.com/
- http://thestoryoffillintheblank.com/
- http://www.gustywindsmayexist.com/
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Re: Metadata

Hi Richard:

My responses are below:

> 1) Do Rhizome's vocabularies need to be compatible with other metadata
> standards? If so, which, and how much?

I think Rhizome vocabularies should be taken with the current folksonomy
philosophy as seen most notably on http://del.icio.us/ and

Through the collective mind of a wealth of taggers, you can craft
algorithms that can acknowledge all variants of the same tag (ie.
net-art versus internet-art) and also allow for unique implementations
as seen in Flickr's Interestingness.

> 2) What can we propose here that Rhizome can practically accomplish
> given limited resources?

Tagging resources are readily available on an open source level at
multiple places. One notably is FreeTag: http://getluky.net/freetag/
which is used, I believe, with Upcoming.org. Also crafting a homegrown
tagging schema is also pretty straightforward.

> 3) Currently the metadata that uses vocabularies is divided into type,
> genre, and keywords -- are these categories sufficient? Should we add
> others?

Under the guise of the general tagging approach, I think the
'categories', 'genre', and 'keywords' all become redundant. All pieces
should be categorized by a collection of tags (maybe under the simple
label of "category").

> 4) Do we want to enhance/ elaborate/ add on to our existing descriptive
> terms or keep the current controlled vocab as is, and make folksonomy also
> an option?

I think keeping with the folksonomy approach would be ideal. The most
daunting task of submitting a piece to the Artbase is the fact that you
have to go through a series of check boxes to try and adequately
describe you piece. The folksonomy approach of just describing the
piece via general terms is ideal.

> 5) who is the artbase for? Who is its audience, and how does that affect
> our re-design of the metadata.

With the folksonomy approach, you can easy provide multiple tools for
people who are simply browsing the Artbase. For submitters it'll
greatly simplify their submission process. But what needs to exist
would the ability for them to update their tags and to tag other pieces
-- currently the Artbase doesn't even let you edit your pieces.

My two cents.



DiverseWorks netArt Open Call -- Last week and a half: Deadline March 25th.


Please pass the word, we're nearing the final week and a half of the DiverseWorks netArt Open Call. It's a great open call catered specifically for new and existing netArt pieces that offers hosting and support for your piece on the Diverseworks server as well as an honorarium and gallery exhibition for the winners.

Did I mention that there's an honorarium and gallery exhibition given to the winners?



More information below:

DiverseWorks is seeking to bring greater awareness for netArt through this open call.

Projects should use the web to its inherent (decentralized) distribution advantages and/or address current artistic, technological and social concerns related to web-based activity or visual culture at large.

The DiverseWorks Visual Arts Director and New Media committee will review projects based upon their topicality and technical feasibility.

Selected projects will receive a $100 honorarium and will officially premiere at the DiverseWorks Visual Arts opening event in fall 2006. After the inaugural debut, DiverseWorks will have non-exclusive rights to display winning projects indefinitely on the DiverseWorks website.

Submit your project:

Please contact opencall@diverseworks.org

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OPEN CALL: DiverseWorks Announces Open Call for New netArt , Deadline March 25, 2006.

Hello all:

Please forward to those that are interested.



DiverseWorks Announces Open Call for New netArt

DiverseWorks is seeking to bring greater awareness to New Media,
technology and 'netArt


Spamgraffiti named finalist in SXSW Web Awards. Please vote!


Exciting news came through the pipe last week.

My project "Spamgraffiti" has been named a finalist in the 2006 SXSW Web Awards (under the category of 'Experimental').

After being online for a year, Spamgraffiti has received and recorded close to 30,500 spam messages (that's about 2350 messages a month!) across all email accounts.

If you get the chance these next few weeks, jump on over to the SXSW site and vote for Spamgraffiti for the People's Choice Award. You can vote once a day until March 3rd!

Big shout out of thanks goes to Glasstire.com for the residency, Josh Hamilton of spamgourmet.com for a ridiculously spammy email account, Matt Haughey for some metafilter.com spam love, and all the Viagra-mortgage-impotence-stock-quote spammers in the world. The project really wouldn't exit without their help.

So between now and March 3rd, whenever you receive a spam message in the inbox, remember "Hey, let's vote for that silly Spamgraffiti project for People's Choice at SXSW".



Relevant links:

Spamgraffiti: Online installations created from spam

Vote here:

Finalist listing:

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