Daniel Fuller

Member Since March 25, 2006

Website: www.hvcca.com

Daniel Fuller is a 2004 graduate of the Program of Museum Studies at Syracuse University and is the Curator of New Media at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill, NY (www.hvcca.com). His recent curated exhibitions have included It Is The Same Outside (2005) to the Drake in Toronto, Canada, which coincided with a one month curatorial residency; Everything I'd Ever Discovered which traveled from Cirrus Gallery in Los Angeles to Vox Populi in Philadelphia; and an exhibition of gallery artists in the Project Space at Peres Projects, Los Angeles. Various exhibitions in Peekskill have included the Dead of Winter, the Video Artists in Dialogue Series (with a monthly article in the NYArts Magazine) at the HVCCA, and the upcoming Only the Paranoid Survive (September 2006) at the HVCCA.