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Racing the Beam: The Atari VCS as Platform

HaHaa! I still remember being taught how to play DEFENDER by my mom on this platform . Defender is one the the true ancestors of current horizontal shoot'em ups like Gradius.
I've spoken to a lot of people including video game superplayers (all they do is brake records and finish games) who completely gave up all the latest video game platforms to favor the old ones like this atari. They just knew better 20 years ago as far as creating enjoyable video games. Not having the same technical abilities forced game developpers to be masters at gameplay fun.


Online Dating (2009) - Math Wrath

This sure makes speed dating look like heaven!
I'm wondering where they found those you tube videos in the first place.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to have nightmares about this! Lost in eternity type of stuff probably...
This reminds me I witnessed whole families in this type of situation in restaurants!


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