Cynthia Korzekwa

Member Since January 1, 1996

My name is Cynthia Korzekwa. I was born in Texas. My childhood was greatly influenced by our housekeeper. Her name was Fela. She was from Piedras Negras. I grew up speaking Spanish, eating bean tacos and listening to rancheras. Almost a Mexican.

The first drawings I remember doing were done in my mother's books. I did a series of scribbles in Webster's dictionary. My mother wasn't impressed. I think I got into trouble. But I kept drawing anyway.

That is until I went to Catholic school. There they had rules about everything. Even about drawing. Stuff like: don't draw to the margin of the page, don't go out of the lines, don't put pink next to red. All those rules made drawing a stress. Then I grew up and realized that those rules weren't for me. They were for somebody else…..Some people were born to be foreigners. I'm one of them. I can't be homogenized.

At present I work with the idea of IKASTIKOS. In Greek the work eikastikos means "represental". A representation is an idea. A likeness. But likeness is not sameness. Thus the likeness itself produces a reality of its own. The copy becomes an original.

I want to write a book on DAILY AESTHETICS.