Cynthia Beth Rubin


Member Since January 1, 1996


Cynthia Beth Rubin began experimenting with digital media in the early 1980's, and the subsequent transition from painting to the electronic arts provided the means and the impetus for a shift in the subject matter in her work. Although trained as a painter in the era of abstraction, her work now incorporates strong historical and personal references. The recipient of the first individual artist's grant in New Media from the Connecticut Commission of the Arts, Rubin has also received numerous other awards, including grants from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, the New England Foundation on the Arts, and various artist residencies. Rubin's work has been featured in exhibitions across North America and around the world.

Recent exhibitions include the New York Digital Salon, Pixxelpoint in Slovenia, ARCADE III (and II, which opened in England and traveled to Siberia and Belarussia), SIGGRAPH 2001, (and 1999,1995) and the subsequent touring exhibitions, and ISEA 2000 in Paris. She has also exhibited in recent years in Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada.

Rubin's work has been written about in numerous publications. Most recently, INA (Paris) published a text on the Web site Memoirs in an edition of dossiers de l'audiovisuel on "arts en r