Member Since January 12, 2008

Cym (1973) studied graphic design at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She has been working as a webdesigner since 1996. Since 1998 she has been doing many different netart projects. She is a member of international artists group '42' and works together with remote realtime storytelling group 'Aether9'. Since 2000 she is regularly giving workshops HTML/Webdesign, mostly in Austria and Slovenia. Since 2005 she is connected with the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Since August 2005 she is running a small art center in an old farm in Austria where she invites artists for short residencies. In 2006 her netart project 'No Men's Land' was awarded with the Marianne.von.Willemer Women.NetArt.Award.06. For 2007 the realization of the netart project 'Connected:07' at her farm in Austria is planned. Part of this project includes a virtual reconstruction of the farm, that will enable people around the world to visit the place.

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