Colin Leipelt

Member Since February 18, 2008

Colin Leipelt is an artist living and working in a paradisiacal oasis on the edge of Kansas City, MO. A part-time professor at Kansas City Art Institute, he has had numerous solo and group shows since graduating from KCAI with a degree in Painting in '04. He is a member of multi-media collective Carnal Torpor, with Seth Johnson, Ashley Miller, and Ari Fish: a long-term collaborative project which has thus far produced interactive gallery installations, utopian design intiatives, lectures, solstitial synchonizations, "band" performances, object design, numerous recordings, a wiki-mind, and multiple summits; and which, in the future, will focus on nomadic/monastic portable habitat design. Colin is currently producing a public commission work for Kansas City's Avenue of the Arts program, as well as submersing himself fully in video drone synthesis. His work deals thematically with the void space at the intersection of institutional religion, pure spirituality, and absolute psychedelia; interrogating socially instituted belief architecture, while simultaneously striving for the pure, non-dual, subjective spiritual experience.