Chutima Kerdpitak

Member Since March 29, 2009

My Fine Art practice was started unconventionally after five-year of working as an art director in adverting agencies in Bangkok, Thailand. Creating TV Commercials for consumer products of Lever Brothers at J. Walter Thompson had fulfilled my creativity side, yet I needed more freedom in choosing and curating my own ideas.

In 1996, I had started my own business with a partner soon after I resigned from JWT, it is called The Drunken Flower Bar and Restaurant situated in Chiang Mai. I had an impression toward Chiang Mai since I had become a BA student in Mass Communication (Journalism) at Chiang Mai University from1987 to1991. The Drunken Flower had become a hidden artists and ex-pat community. I had organized an art and performance show call The Stew, which consists of 24 artists from 14 different countries including myself and other Thai artists and this is where my desire to do art had begun. The idea of the show was to provide opportunity to outsider artists and professional artists who live and work there for creating, performing and exhibiting their art without academic establishment barrier.