Christoph Kluetsch

Member Since July 20, 2005


Christoph Klütsch studied Philosophy, art History and German Literature at the Universities of Freiburg, Hamburg, and Heidelberg (Germany) where he received his Master of Art 1999. In 2006 he completed his interdisciplinary Dr. phil. (PhD) at the University of Bremen (Germany) in Art Science and Computer Sciences. 2007 he has published the book “Computergrafik - Ästhetische Experimente zwischen zwei Kulturen” (Computer Graphic - Aesthetic Experiments between Two Cultures) with Springer publisher WienNewYork. He has presented his research at international conferences in London, Banff (Canada), New York, San Francisco, Karlsruhe (Germany), and Bremen.
Christoph Klütsch was formerly working as scientific coordinator and teacher at the Jacobs University Bremen and project coordinator and teacher at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. He is an evaluator of Digital Sparks - a competition for students works in digital culture, organized by the Fraunhofer Institute.
Christoph Klütsch teaches “Digital Art and Culture”, "Visual Culture", "Critical Theory","Contemporary Art" and “Art Criticism” at SCAD.