Christian Foster

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This should be serious I told myself , however, I donlt think that it is going to turn out that way. This sort of feels like a dating organization but how on earth would I knbow about those, SHhhhhhh.
Well I grew in the small town of casper wyoming and loved the world and loved life. It was a miracle I thought. I went through all the highschool stuff, everyone does. Now I am the first person from wyoming to attend the art institute of chicago. I first stared out painting and drawing and now I have moved to new media. I have dropped my interest in bieng an art star and see community building as a more chalenging and interactive place for me to be. This is why I love rhizome so much it is a good example of communitie building. My plans for the future are to building an online community in chicago between the school of the art institute of chicago, columbia film college, and UIC art department so that the interconnectedness of the chicago arts communitie would grow fro0m the ground up. I like to look at stars and the moon.