Clint Bagwell is an adjunct professor in the University of Mary Washington Department of Art and Art History, a conceptual artist and an iPhone app creator. His recent work re-contextualizes common spaces while inviting direct social interactions. In considering technology, Bagwell seeks to reconnect with parts of the human experience that are missing from the digital world: labor, time, meditation, and physicality. Clint Bagwell is currently based in Washington, DC area.
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UMW "Sweded" Film Festival

Wed Jul 03, 2013 17:00

Fredericksburg, Virginia
United States of America

About the films:
The short, humorous, no-budget style of amateur film-making is inspired by the Michael Gondry movie Be Kind Rewind. Like the video store clerks in the film, we invite you to remake Hollywood movies by featuring your neighbors and creating your own homemade special effects.

Submission guidelines:
1. Must be based on an already produced film
2. Range 2-8 minutes in length
3. Must not contain computer generated graphics
4. Based on films less than 35 years old
5. Special effects must be limited to camera tricks and arts ’n crafts
6. Sound effects created by human means
7. Hilarious.

How to submit:
Submission is free. The review process will take place online; fill out the form on the website to send us info about your film.

Tentative Festival Info:
Friday, July 26
University of Mary Washington Department of Art and Art History
Fredericksburg, VA

We look forward to seeing your videos!