Carl-Johan Rosén
Since 2007
Works in Stockholm Sweden

I work with digital processes/units/actors. I investigate what it means to exist as a digital body and as a software process, experiencing the world through electronic circuits and binary data flows. Reading and writing computer code is an important part of my work, and the book I speak myself into an object is an artwork which examines code both as material and as means of communication with the digital process. Work methods are synthesized from arts, engineering and academia, and the outcome varyingly presented as artworks, software and text. I'm based in Stockholm.
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openFrameworks Workshop at NewMediaMeeting

Fri Sep 21, 2007 00:00 - Mon Aug 27, 2007

New Media Meeting and Interactive Institute call for participation at a 2-day workshop on openFrameworks and physical interfaces. The workshop will be held at New Media Meeting 2007, Norrkoping, Sweden, September 21st - 22nd by the artists and framework initiators Zachary Lieberman and Theodore Watson. OpenFrameworks is a complete, cross platform, open source collection of tools for creative coders. It’s used worldwide in various projects and installations (see below for a selection of openFrameworks-based projects) for experimenting with computer vision, sounds, animation and interactive interfaces. Check out for more information.

The theme for New Media Meeting 2007 is media art in urban environments and the workshop will be following the same lines with the topic “Leaving the Screen”. Participants will be introduced to openFrameworks and its possibilities by Zachary and Theodore and have the opportunity to discuss concepts and solutions for projects and installations. The workshop results will also be presented on New Media Meeting’s final evening. Participants will also have full access to the rest of the festival program and talks.

To be one of the limited number of workshop participants at New Media Meeting 2007, just send an e-mail to, describing yourself and why you want to participate. Some coding experience is expected and preferably a computer (Windows, MacOSX or Linux). New Media Meeting can only provide a limited number of pc’s. However, cameras, speakers, microphones, Arduinos and internet will be provided. The workshop is free of charge.

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Carl-Johan Rosen