Carl Diehl

Member Since July 22, 2006

Born in Syracuse New York (1978), Carl Diehl holds a BFA in Art Video from Syracuse University (2000) and a MFA in Digital Art from the University of Oregon (2007). From 2000 to 2003 he was an events programmer at Artists’ Television Access, a media arts space in San Francisco, where he continues to volunteer remotely as a layout and copy editor. Diehl’s video essays, installations, performances and publications have been exhibited nationally and internationally at events including: Transmediale in Berlin, the International Symposium of Electronic Art in Singapore and the &Now Festival of New Writing in San Diego.

In addition to his independent pursuits, Diehl regularly collaborates with Weird-Fiction, an interdisciplinary arts ensemble, co-founded by Diehl in 2009. Based in Portland, Oregon, Carl Diehl teaches courses in New Media Studies, Experimental Cinema and Time-Based Art at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Northwest Film Center.
Dec. 3 2012 04:20 on GIFABILITY

In Metaphortean terms, 'crypto-zoetropicalism' or the study of hidden animation, affords a brief and speculative genealogy of Art GIFs. Like living fossils, persisting via isolation from the competition of life ...