Caleb Engstrom

Member Since September 3, 2008

Growing up as a kid in rural Iowa, I spent a substantial amount of time at my grandparent’s house, doing various odd jobs as I was told. Since that time I have labored and gained experience in a variety of jobs from delivering newspapers, to cooking at a diner, and for a time pouring aluminum castings for tractor parts as a means for my passions. Presently within my work, I draw upon established concepts and ideas of labor, tests of will, and the ephemeral.

Often found in my music, performance, and installation pieces are the immeasurable and incommunicable juxtaposed with numbers and time. Through research I have found that when I am able to create some formula in which to work in, it better allows for the materials to speak to me. I am interested in further researching this connection between restriction and creativity. I feel as if through a “handicapped” lens, the process and materials become guiding, both conceptually and aesthetically.