Byron Westbrook

Member Since August 6, 2006

Byron Westbrook (b. 1977) is an artist working with audio and visual elements to create installed and performed environments that gradually and dynamically change the perception of physical space over time. Since 2005, he has developed an audio/video project called CORRIDORS, which is a performed installation in which the live performance element adapts the work in real time to the performance space. It consists of multiple light projections as well as the distribution of sound using a modular multi-channel sound system. He has presented at venues such as Roulette, Diapason Gallery, Experimental Intermedia, Exit Art Gallery, Issue Project Room (New York), Axiom Gallery (Boston), Les Voûtes (Paris), Institute of Intermedia (Prague), among others. In 2008, he toured the US and EU extensively, was an artist in residence at HotelPupik in Scheifling, Austria, and showed three sound installations. In 2007, he was the recipient of the Jerome Foundation's Emerging Artists Commission. Westbrook has also collaborated with composer Rhys Chatham in the group Essentialist, as well as performed in the ensembles of Phill Niblock, Rhys Chatham, Duane Pitre and Jonathan Kane. He is currently the technical coordinator at Experimental Intermedia Foundation. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.