Fat Burning Furnace Workout Diet Review

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In this article, I review the Fat Burning Furnace - Fat Burning Furnace Review, focusing on both the benefits and pitfalls of this program. This weight loss program is developed by Rob Poulos, which is an extremely well known fitness and diet program, offering guaranteed results.

Overview of the Fat Burning Furnace

The Fat Burning Furnace is a weight loss program which was developed by Rob Poulos focussing on correct nutrition and weight training. This weight loss program aims to increase muscle tissue (through weight training does), and by doing so, you actually burn more calories 24 hours a day.

This is logical due to muscle tissue requiring far more calories a day to just to sustain itself. The more muscle tissue you develop the faster you burn calories. However, in order to develop the muscle required, you do need to workout.

The actual Fat Burning Furnace e-book consists of a 128 pages filled with nutritional and weight training information.

The book is divided into 3 sections, being:

Introduction (13 pages)
Exercises and Workouts (67 pages)
Nutritional information and specifications (40 pages)

One great thing about the Fat Burning Furnace e-book is that it does include extremely detailed pictures for each exercise along with detailed explanations on how to perform these exercises.

By following the workouts defined in this e-book you can expect to lose body fat while developing lean muscles. You need to remember, that you do need to workout in order to achieve these results.

Positives and Negatives Of The Fat Burning Furnace

As per every weight loss product on the market, there are both positives and negatives with the Fat Burning Furnace, being:


The weight loss e-book has many excellent testimonials and unbiast reviews

It is well written with clear instructions

Contains comprehensive weight training instructions

Contains extensive nutrition resources

This fitness program is written in an easy to understand language without fancy scientific terminologies

Comes with a money back guarantee, so your purchase is secure


This weight loss program focuses on weight training, therefore not appropriate if you have a physical disability

You need to work out regularly with weights, so if you hate working out this isn't for you


The Fat Burning Furnace weight loss program is excellent for both men and women who wish to burn body fat, improve fitness, and get into shape.

It is an easy to follow and comprehensive program which can yield you with excellent results as long as you are focused and committed to give it make it work for you.