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Video of Post Net Aesthetics is Now Online

Just for the sake of clarity, as Michael says I was making air quotes and referring explicitly to 'contemporary art' - as in, work that already resides within the canon, that is bought, sold and traded. In a 7 minute presentation as part of a panel, there really isn't the time to unpack statements such as these, our definitions will inevitably differ.

I personally define 'contemporary art' as that which is recognised and canonised, this isn't an elitest notion, because to be clear, I consider the aspirations to such as more of a slur on the production of meaning, than positive identification. Your definition is likely to be different - but asking 'is it art' along these lines and particularly in respect to things like is a straw man argument that is unlikely to get us anywhere.

I think many reading Rhizome and those participating in this scene will be able to recollect a moment in time prior to 2006 when the net wasn't swamped by things like contemporary art daily and to have a page dedicated to your own work was more an oddity than it was a standard.

This point can be reiterated when you consider that it is only since 2010 that artists from blue chip galleries have begun to recognise the necessity of having a personal website. Many still don't.

If there are sites that I have grossly overlooked, that have for a significant period prior to 2006 aggregated the detritus of the Art World proper, I would be more than happy to rescind my point :-)... Accountable enough?

More generally I kind of disagree with this idea "Culture is too important to be fast and loose with the facts, or worse yet, to possibly be innocent of them." - I think the idea that we should rely on the historian and professionalised telling of how culture is constructed by expects is far more problematic than a messy, contradictory onslaught of thoughts, ideas and opinions. I may though be opening a can of worms... but see 'radical monopoly', particularly in respect to 'Education':