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Call for Art - Cell Mates

Wed May 01, 2013 17:00

South Orange, New Jersey
United States of America

The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University seeks submissions for “Cell Mates,” two distinct group shows that will be on view side by side in adjacent galleries. Curators Jeanne Brasile and Lisbeth Murray will divide the 2,000 sq. ft. gallery in half, creating two separate exhibitions of artwork inspired by cellular forms. The curators seek art that addresses a wide range of topics related to cellular forms to create a discursive exploration into microorganisms and concerns derived from their study.

The goal of the curators is to demonstrate modes of creation inspired by science, in addition to examining how curators using the same narrative framework can come to very different thematic and aesthetic conclusions. While aesthetics are a concern, the curators are particularly interested in how artists incorporate scientific methods into their practice, how artists obscure or pronounce the delineation between artistic and scientific practices, and/or how artists visualize scientific data to create works of art, placing the artist in the role of quasi-scientist. All types of media are eligible.

Exhibition dates are June 2 - July 18, 2013.
$15/5 entries.
Deadline: Wednesday May 1, 2013 (receipt date)



CALL FOR ART - Crossroads: A Shifting Landscape

Wed Dec 07, 2011 17:00

South Orange, New Jersey
United States of America

The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University seeks submissions for “Crossroads: A Shifting Landscape,” a multi-media group exhibition of contemporary landscape art curated by Jesse Gordon and Emily Ozga. Submissions should address innovations in the landscape genre both visually and thematically, as well as through the use of alternative media. The curators are particularly interested in work that addresses the natural world as well as urban landscapes, pushing the boundaries of traditional landscape painting. The exhibition will emphasize the changing role of landscape art in the present day as a platform for socio- political discourse as opposed to a verisimilitude of the natural world.

Exhibition dates are January 17, 2012 through February 17, 2012. $15/5 entries. Deadline: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 (receipt date).

Prospectus: (use link on upper right for "Open Calls for Art")


Call for Art - "Data In, Data Out"

Fri Oct 07, 2011 17:00

South Orange, New Jersey
United States of America

CALL FOR ART Data In, Data Out
The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University is seeking submissions
for “Data In, Data Out,” a group exhibition of contemporary art of all media.  Exhibition dates are October 31 through December
16, 2011. $15/5 entries.  Deadline,
Friday, October 7th, 2011.
Curator Jeanne Brasile seeks
artwork that is made using algorithmic processes.  While there is no generally accepted formal definition of algorithm, it
could informally be understood as "a set of rules that precisely defines a
sequence of operations."  Using the above
framework, the set of rules shall be the building blocks that define how an artwork
will appear in its final form.  It also
defines the artists’ creative process.  This
practice is in opposition to an end result in which a pre-determined image is
created through studies.  Included
artwork shall be a visual manifestation met by following a set of rules or instructions
that dictate final visual form through specific acts of sorting, processing or
enacting based on the collected data.  Artwork
is sought in all media to provide a broad interpretation of algorithmically
based art.  Although computer and digital
art will be considered, this is not solely a call for digitally based media.


Open Call for Art - Letting Go

Sun Oct 02, 2011 23:59

Newark, New Jersey
United States of America

Media:  Performances, public interventions, videos and
temporary artwork (2 and 3-dimensional).
Curators Jeanne Brasile and Jade Lien of Rogue Video and Performance seek submissions for a series of out-of-doors performances,
interventions, videos and temporary artworks in Newark, New Jersey for its annual Open Doors 2011 event.  This event will activate the block that encompasses Broad Street, New Street, Central Avenue and Halsey Street on Saturday, October 22nd from 3pm to 9pm.  The exhibition will take place rain or shine. 
The exhibition Letting Go addresses the theme of catharsis on the part of the participating artists, the audience or both.   Art submissions should respond to the following: 
Catharsis is an act of emotional cleansing.  It is most commonly used in relation to dramatic theatre and was coined by the philosopher Aristotle in Poetics.  This emotional cleansing can be on the
part of one of more characters, or on the part of the audience.  By bringing repressed ideas or experiences into consciousness,
there is a release of tension which is purifying in nature. Catharsis, or
purging of emotions, produces profound feelings such as fear, sorrow, pity or even joy. In a broader sense, it can also refer to a sense of restoration, renewal, and revitalization; concepts that are poignant and greatly needed in this complicated emotional landscape we presently occupy.  The curators are particularly interested in
artwork that will engage the public, especially incidental viewers.
Full Prospectus:


trashed - call for video art

Fri Apr 08, 2011 00:00

Newark, New Jersey
United States of America

CALL FOR ART- trashed
curators, Meghan Blowers and Marie Sullivan, in collaboration with Rogue Video
and The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University are seeking submissions for “trashed,”
and exhibition of contemporary video art which explores and discovers the
potential for beauty, meaning and use in the discarded.  By investigating the redemptive quality of
reclaiming and re-using abandoned matter, the curators offer insight into a
burgeoning revolution which re-orders the conventional meaning of worth.  The resurrection of trash will be uniquely
explored by individual participating artists through their interpretations of
the motivations, processes and effects of this counter-cultural upheaval.  The artists’ focus may be broad or narrow and
may delve into the psychological, spiritual or physical consequences of the transformation
of the worthless to the valued. 
Presenting a diverse array of works will assist the curators in
conveying the breadth and significance of the “salvage” movement.  Videos will be selected based on artistic
merit, relevancy and overall meaning.
The video
screening will take place on Thursday, April 28th in an out of doors
urban environment (to be announced) in the Arts District of Newark, New Jersey .
Videos will be projected in an unconventional setting to increase incidental
viewership and audience participation. 
Additionally, this will give audiences a concrete example of how places
and objects can be transformed simply by the way we see and use them.
must be 18 years of age or older to apply. 
Video on DVD
or CD presented in MPEG4 format (include your own credits), artist statement,
c.v., completed entry form, $5 check or money order made payable to The Walsh
Gallery, Seton Hall,
deadline is Friday April 8th.  All
entries must be received by this date.
There is a $5
submission fee by Money Order or check payable to Walsh Gallery – Seton Hall
University.  Proceeds will go towards
administrative and productions costs.