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Hello, I am The Joker, the brand new community manager for Today, I bring you tips on's standing, about what is going on here, and what we've prepared and what we have previously done. So, let's get started. To start, for remaining in-the-dark for so long, we'd like to apologize. Needless to say, this has required a sizable portion of our attention a way from this mod, However, I promise you, we're still here, and we're creating. I would also like to explain several of the essential points of the mod. 2Nd, we additionally wish to apologize for the multiplayer servers of the mod going dark of monthly ago. We had a discussion with Trinity Gaming, a dedicated server hosting company, and they consented to sponsor Game- org, which means we got up more machines and running! We currently have two servers up, plus they could hold 16 people, so get on down there and perform v0.1.2! Third, we are definitely going to be involved together with the community substantially more. We want to perform along with you as much as we can, therefore we are playing with you via setting up Vapor community play-dates. Anybody section of the Vapor community team will get the notification for events and statements, occasions will undoubtedly be scheduled for Community Play-Dates.