anthony sawrey

Member Since April 25, 2007

I come from Australia, and I have always had a perverse interest in electronic media and its ability to create distortions in the fabric of the day to day, even more so since the development of digital formats and the World Wide Web. It has struck the established culture of TV and print media formats like a bomb and i am there sifting through the scattered digital wreckage gleaning choice traces with mouse and heavy eyes. i have been able to gorge my curiosity for images of mayhem and celebrity in a manner that was previously extremely limited. The sheer volume of images which can be accessed now reveals to me, combinations and contrasts that were not so apparent before. My interest in celebrity, sport spectaculars or sudden internet stars is an interest in how media creates characters for moral scrutiny by hidden viewers, as if these judgments were a way of being involved in something larger then an individuals everyday life.