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…here nor there…

driving the elements at the location to interact.

accumulating data, artworks, collaborators and processes, relating
technological limitations to political circumstances, exposing dominant
linguistic constraints on the Internet, and challenging conventional
notions of exhibition. …here nor there… is not just a projected
virtual space, but a tangible resource;

a frame predicated on technological reference points of virtual space,
but actually consisting of human interactions to create a permeable
border across many technologies. …here nor there…

experience the work. …here nor there… is; a website, where the
artists have built a virtual studio space to meet up in and exchange
images and dialogue; an exhibition project, generating short films and
sound works, a residency project across an institutional and an artist-
led context; and an ongoing series of events and collaborations

…here nor there… has meaning when its collaborators come together to
produce or experience an event, and apart from the website archive,
requires that its creators and collaborators be present to work,
exhibit, perform and discuss in the next temporary location, or
incarnation, of …here nor there… .

some perspectives on the use of internet technology and residency
situations integral to HNT\'s interest in cultural diversity and equal

To work across borders - whether political, geographic, or linguistic -
by developing programming for an internet profile which is simple and
quick enough for artists to use in areas of the world where computers
and even electricity are not easily accessible, or in dependable supply,
as is presntly the case in Tbilisi.

2) To use the internet as a communication tool to develop art work in a
variety of media (visual, sound, text, etc.) as an \"electronic sketch
pad\". A tool for collaboration and communication between artists
internationally, when it is not possible to work together physically.

3) The importance of participating in and organising residency
situations which continue to extend the network of international
collaboration: for example, \'radio…here nor there\' which involved
artists from a wide number of countries through which strong contacts
for future collaboration.