Anita Bacic

Member Since December 13, 2002

Anita Bacic is a Hobart-based artist who explores media old and new, with a focus on participatory experiences. Bacic is fascinated with the construction of stories, images and experiences and how we as individuals can actively contribute and interact in these processes. She continues to explore works which encourage curiosity, participation, personal connections and self-reflection that in turn potentially challenge our perceptions and how we see and interpret the world around us.

Bacic has explored older pre-cinema technologies, including camera obscura as installations and street-based mobile experiences for a number of years. Bacic’s work has been exhibited internationally and has participated in Parramatta Lanes in Sydney, White Night Melbourne, Nextwave Festival, Electrofringe New Media Arts Festival, ANAT’s Portable Worlds I & II, amberPlatform and Videobrasil.