Amy M Denes

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I am a contributor to, writer, interviewer & artist for Art Volume One.
Art Volume One is an interactive online Arts Zine & gallery, go & try it out!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing artist & photographer- Robin Cracknell for Volume I. I also- had the pleasure of interviewing sustainable designer & artist Philip Harold Otto who is Volume II. I shared an incredible & insightful conversation with the astonishingly gifted Samantha West for Volume III.
Robin Cracknell made a wonderful return to discuss his 'Cine' works for Volume IV.
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Some of my visual work:

Small Bio:
Born in South East Asia.

Swedish, Hungarian, Siberian- born & raised all over South East Asia, Thailand, Philippines. Living in the US for over a decade. Artist & writer. Any other information may be requested via my e-mail.
I am as well influenced by & develop projects about, neurobiology,'brain sex', gender,the industrialized & natural world.
Some other areas of interest, human rights, logic, conversation theory, critical thinking, imagination, philosophy, deductive, abductive & inductive reasoning- ( &, the evolution of truths & untruths ).. Evolution, cultural relativism, ethical relativism, tolerance, consciousness, sustainability.

I am inspired & influenced greatly by my sister, Alexandra, she is an anthropologist in South East Asian Studies. Alex lives & works in Thailand.
I am also very inspired by my mother Mona, who collected the work of Twins Seven Seven in the 60's & 70's, in a then- thriving Lagos Nigeria. Twins Seven Seven won the Unesco Peace prize in 2005.

About the Artist.


In my work & in my projects, I explore the context of Being in accessible, abstract & simplified representations of universal themes. I also explore & produce a variety of projects- based on social, political, cultural & environmental themes. In a contemporary era defined by the relentless proliferation of images & commodities, my work is a personal, informed & involved attempt at simplifying & representing what is rationally elusive but palpably evolving within every moment of Being & a world where our experiences unfold out of limited, yet ever accessible answers.

In some of my work, I am not seeking to represent a particular sex or race; nor am I trying to identify the motives of any single individual at a given moment.

Rather, I am questioning & exposing what is at work when combinations of human drives & motives are expressed simultaneously, as they do occur in life, at a constant.

In the human experience of Being, our memories and hopes, thoughts- overlap like waves.

From this fluid context of Being, individuals must focus upon & validate certain moments as the structure of their Identity or the Essence of Self. What is it that drives us to represent the 'Self' as fixed, secure, and anchored? &, what do we forget about the context of Being in this process of representing the Self?
In my work, I seek to convey the tensions that emerge in the spaces between Being and representation.

It is the nature of the human condition, that we are driven by the struggle for survival - yet in the light of the post-modern world, often leads- to the abandonment of an awareness of Being and the accumulation of markers of identity. And yet, the more varied our options and sophisticated our representations of Self become, the more we long for unity and simplicity.
I believe that as we grow increasingly alienated in this global epoch which promises endless opportunities for the Self, we grow collectively closer to experiencing a simultaneous nostalgia for a supreme state of Being, which at present, is reinforcing our re-discovery of the natural world.
& It is this state of Being, awareness & connect we secretly long for in all areas of our everyday lives. These are precisely some of the questions & simultaneous answers I posit.
As individuals in this globalizing world we are constantly made aware of & alienated by the fact that our global village is full of anonymous beings who we pass from day to day.

A plethora of information & choices play upon our realities & fantasies within this context, generating both power & lack out of the fundamental experience of the anonymity of Being.

This erasure of 'Being', occurs through the media, the internet & in everyday life at a constant.
Commodities place quite high expectations on consumers, which find us in states of social disconnect, perhaps- even occasionally personally or collectively humiliated.

Tremendous discoveries in technology, science & physics have allowed us to arrive in this world of fact, creating a sense of limitlessness that appears to free the individual from the scrutiny, prejudices & delusions of the past, yet contradictorily, this limitlessness limits our experience and actually furthers our self-deception. The priorities of progress in the spheres of the financial, political & scientific creates tremendous debates as to where our social values are to be anchored.

The abstract figures in some of my works are constantly evolving, full of energy & meaning, potential & lack, combining & bearing new results at the fraught conjunctures between the expectations of the post-modern world & the universal state of Being.

I am an Atheist, yet I am as well very open- to understanding, cultural, religious & philosophical belief systems & their impact, in a variety, of artistic projects.
I believe that living in a rapidly westernized world may relegate the individual to a sparse inner landscape. The modernizing western world seeks to create it's utopia of a true democracy & a free world, in which homogeneity & globalization will have great impact upon us all for generations to come.

Throughout history, we have sought explanations for the pleasures and struggles of life, desire, and freedom, self-via social institutions.

We have sought to delimit & harness the longing for Being through religious strictures and iconic representations.

In my work, I am seeking to transcend- these institutional forms of representing transcendence & humanity, whether they are forms of any religious or spiritual belief, or the state.