Amrita Deshpande

Member Since September 6, 2002

With a strong teaching and professional experience in new as well as traditional media, and an extensive academic background in visual communication, children's communication and Art and Technology I have been involved in combining technology, design and art-making with education since 1994. My artwork carries an educational value and is targeted towards social change and community education. Interactive Art attracts me most and is reflected in my art work. The piece "Breathe In Breathe Out" -2003 is an interactive CD-ROM game targeted towards middle school children making them aware of the ill-effects of second hand smoking. "Henna and Hasta"-2004 is a piece that incorporates a video component and drawings made with henna. This is a multimedia installation piece reflecting upon the emotions attached to Henna drawing ceremony, the marraige customs and rituals juxtaposed with emotions of an Indian Bride during that ceremony.
Currently I am working on an Animation film on Warli Folk Artist, narating a story about the exploitation and commercialisation of the Folk Art.