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Santiago Ortíz (Colombia)
An artist, a mathematician and a researcher into the subjects of art, science and spaces of representation. A cofounder of the digital art and culture magazine blankmagz.com. A member of the project development staff in medialabmadrid.org.

0100101110101101.ORG (Italia)
A band of media artists who use non convencional tactics to obtein the largest visibility with the minimal effort. They have been called media scammers, myth-makers, identity thieves, extremists, as well as Internet stars, info-dandies, geniuses.

Eduardo Navas (El Salvador/ USA)
He is an interdisciplinary artist. He is founder and contributing editor of Net Art Review, and is co-founding member of acute.cc, an international network of artists and academics who organize events and publications periodically.

Aniko Meszaros (Canadá)
Research natural organic and inorganic phenomena with the technologies of immersive digital interface, artificial intelligence and biotechnological engineering. Currently she is a research fellow at the McLuhan Progam in Culture and Technology

Marina Zerbarini (Argentina)
Net artist and professor of Multimedia and Electronic Arts at National University Institute and at the University Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She collaborates in the group “Colaborarte”.

Antonio Domínguez + Daniel Lara (Nuzita) (México)
A multidisciplinary project of which Antonio Domínguez y Daniel Lara are in charge. They have been making audiovisual projects since 2002. Antonio focuses on the development of the visual part while Daniel focuses in the sonic and aesthetic search.

Arcángel Constantini (México)
Net artist. Active resident of no-such.org and healer of the Cyberlounge at Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico.

Igor Stromajer (Eslovenia)
He researches tactical emotional states and traumatic low-tech strategies. He has shown his work at more than a hundred exhibitions in forty-two countries and received a number of awards. As artist-in-residence he lectures at universities and contemporary art institutes.

Luca Barbeni (Italia)
Artist and specialized journalist in new media. He belongs to a multi-discipline group of freelance called 80/81, which developed Island.8081 project. Currently he is the director of the Teknemedia.net's magazine about new media.

Roy Ascott (Inglaterra)
Founding Director of the Planetary Collegium (CAiiA-STAR), is Professor of Technoetics in the University of Plymouth (England) and Adjunct Professor in Design|Media Arts at the University of California Los Angeles.

Pau Waelder (España)
Graphic designer, licensed in History of Art by the University of Barcelona.
He is a collaborator of digital art portals Artnodes (Barcelona) and Rhyzome (New York).

Platoniq (España)
Platoniq is a digital contents production and distribution platform, a net culture trademark which also organizes free activities in the public space. Members: Susana Noguero, Olivier Schulbaum and Ignacio García.

María Pérez (España)
Creative and publishing of Ptqk_blogzine, a digital weblog about experimental arts, critic culture and civil action.

Olia Lialina (Rusia)
Net artist, critic and curator. Professor of Merz Akademie New Media, Pathway (Stuttgart). Founder of the gallery online Art.Teleportacia.org.