alexandra verhaest

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Alexandra Verhaest received a Masters Degree in photography at Sint Lukas school of Arts, Brussels. In her works and writings she explores the thin line between the collective history and the personal past. She questions authorship as well as the importance of photography as a medium to depict history, using urban legends, Internet blogs as well as duff history books as a source of inspiration. She fulfilled her thesis on the subject of ‘Faction’ during a residency at Island 6 Arts Centre Shanghai where she was the in-house writer. Verhaest’s work has been published in Celeste Magazine, the Lieven Gevaert Pholosophy Series and Christophe Demaitre - Stop/Over Cities.
thanks Krista! I'm very curios about the other proposals .. maybe I should chip in for the membership…
I submitted weeks ago… and then they postponed the deadline. I sure hope mine is in… comments more than welcome!