alex ookpik

Member Since July 4, 2006

Alex Ookpik is a Montréaler who writes, performs and produces avant-pop music, electroacoustic music, and music for theatre and film (now and then).

Her music bridges the worlds of pop and experimental music; taking in acoustic instruments, synthesis, field recordings, and studio manipulations.

Her electroacoustic piece "Rust" was featured in the Vermillion mix of Vox Novus's 60x60 and was presented in Montreal, NYC, Berlin, and Italy.

She was formerly the lead-singer and keyboard player for the Montreal post-rock band Marlowe (1995-2005); sharing the stage with Tindersticks, Snowpony (ex-My Bloody Valentine & Stereolab), April March, The Dears, Feist, and The Besnard Lakes.

Her first solo album is forthcoming (

She is also an instructional designer, and researcher in educational technology and learning theory and practice, and the study of visuals in learning.

In case it is not already painfully obvious, she is also a giant nerd.