Aeron Bergman Alejandra Salinas


Member Since December 6, 2009

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas are an artist duo currently living and working in Oslo, Norway and Detroit, USA.


Selected solo shows:


*0047. “Lords of the capital, why not remain here and lengthen your days?” Curated by Suzana Martins. Oslo, Norway. 17 February – 25 March
*Ruler. Curated by Mikko Kuorinki. Hensinki, Finland. 20 January- 24 February


*0047. Performance: “Feng Shui Consultation for 0047”. Curated by Suzana Martins. Oslo, Norway. 18 November
*Dumbo Arts Center. “Gladly Will I Sell For Profit, Dear Merchants of the Town, My Hat Laden With Snow.” Brooklyn NYC. Curated by Karl Erickson. 8 September – 6 November


*IMO Gallery. “The Time Machine”. Curated by Søchting and Akselbo.
Copenhagen, Denmark. 10 April – 22 April
*Onomatopee. “The Smell of Deposition”. Curated by Freek Lomme.
Eindhoven, NL. 14 February – 24 March
*Van Abbemuseum. Performance: “Quick Times” Curated by Freek Lomme and
Claire Butcher. Eindhoven, NL. 13 February


*Museu das Rendas. “Ikea das Rendas”. Curated by Circular. Vila do Conde, Portugal. 20 September – 27 October
*Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art. Performance. “1967-2007” Curated by Pedro Rocha. Porto, Portugal. 16 April


*Röda Sten Art Center. “Wildflowers”. Curated by Henrik Anderson, Göteborg, Sweden. 27 January – 4 March


*Santa Monica Center of Contemporary Art. "Vertigo". Curated by Jacob Fabricius. Barcelona, Spain. 30 June – 17 September


*Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art. “Porto” Curated by Pedro Rocha. Porto, Portugal. 10 June 2004 – 14 January


*Ausland. Performance “Porto and Yarning Detroit”. Curated by Hannah Hurtzig during the Mobile Academy. Berlin, Germany. September 19
*BAK. Contemporary Art Center. “River Rouge” Curated by Impakt. Utrecht, The Netherlands. 14 June – 24 July
*CAC, Centre D ́Art Contemporaine. “Yarning Detroit part two”. Curated by Bastien Gallet. Geneva, Switzerland. March 19 – April 13


*Lampo New Music Foundation. Performance. Curated by Andrew Fenchel. Chicago, USA. 24 - 25 May
*MONA, Museum of New Art. Performance. Detroit, USA. 29 May


*Changing Room Project Space. “Revisionland”. Curated by Diskono. Stirling, Scotland. 23 November – 23 January 2002


*Art in General. “America Speaks”. New York. 30 January to 3 April

Selected group shows and performances:


*Espai Cultural Caja Madrid. “Desire Paths”. Curated by Lorena Muñoz-Alonzo. Barcelona, Spain. 21 November-12 January 2013
*Eastside Projects. “Abstract Possible: The Birmingham Beat”. Curated by Maria Lind. Birmingham, UK. 6 October -1 December
*Iaspis. Stockholm, Sweden. 24-25 February


*KINOKINO Art and Film Center. “Wildflowers”. Sandnes, Norway. 1 June and 11 June.
*Ny Musikk. Performance: “My House Burned But The Cherry Tree in My Garden Scatters Its Blossoms As If Nothing Had Happened”. Oslo, Norway. 9 April.
*Dumbo Arts Center. “Information Economy”. New York, USA. 26 January – 6


*Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art. Performance. “Fool’s Gold – Smoke and Mirrors”. Part of “Fall Behind”. Copenhagen, Denmark. 27 November
*Van Abbemuseum. “No One Knows How To Reach That Immortal Place”. Part of “Gathering, Gathering” Eindhoven, NL. 1 – 10 November
*Gallery BOA. Installation. “Norwegian Waterfall Powering Chinese Waterfall”. Part of “Subject Matter”. Oslo, Norway. 14 October – 1 November
*Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina. “Wildflowers”. Part of “Cities Re- Imagined”. Novi Sad, Serbia. 18 June – 17 July
*Pictura Gallery / Skånska Art Museum. “Gold Transferred”. Part of “The Weather Forecast”. Lund, Sweden. 29 May – 19 June
*Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (GCAS). “Un-broadcasted News Footage of the 1967 Detroit. Rebellion Projected Through Feng-Shui Objects”. Part of “Always Moving” Melbourne, Australia. 18 June – 17 July
*Center for Contemporary Art Glasgow (CCA). Screening “Wildflowers” Part of “The Bag of Tricks”. Glasgow, Scotland. 10 March


*Hordaland Art Center. Performance. “Harry Smith”. Part of B-open. Bergen, Norway, 30 October
*Museum of Contemporary Art. Performance. “Silent Attack”. Oslo, Norway. 18 September
*Henie Onstad Art Center. “Wildflowers” and “Finally Got The News (Crossed Hatched). Part of “To be Heard Is To Be Seen”. Oslo, Norway. August 30 – November 4
*Museum of Contemporary Art. Performance. “The School of Athens”. Oslo, Norway. 11 June
*Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. Performance. "Harry Smith". Copenhagen, Denmark. 25 April
*Kunstnernes hus. “No One Knows How To Reach That Immortal Place”. Part of “Live Arts”. Oslo, Norway. 21 January – 1 February


*UKS Young Artist Society “Nobel Prize Ceremony” Performance. Oslo. 10 December
*Onomatopee Gallery. “Three Ideophones”. Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 8 October –10 November
*Inclusion in e-flux video rental and screenings. e-flux Berlin. 18 September – 17 December
*European Sound Delta. Paris and Strasbourg. September
*Berlin Film Festival. Soundtrack to Florian Zeyfang's film "Introduction to a
Small History of Photography". Berlin, Germany. February


*Metro of the City of Porto and Fundaçáo Serralves. Public audio work over the metro PA system. Porto, Portugal. July
*Center for Contemporary Arts. (CCA). Videos. “Introduction to Wildflowers”. Scotland. Glasgow, Scotland. May
*Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA). Videos. “Introduction to Wildflowers”. Dandee, Scotland. May
*Turku Biennale. Aboa Ventus and Ars Nova. Installation. "Oversea". Turku, Finland. May - August
*Changing Room Project Space. “Design It Yourself”. Stirling, Scotland. 2 May – 9 June
* MOCAD. Video “Wildflowers”. “Part of Shrinking Cities”. Detroit. 3 Februrary – 1 April


*Fylkingen. Sound performace. Curated by Magnus Gronberg and the Swedish Electronic Music Studio. Stockholm, Sweden. December 9
*The Rooseum Art Center. Installation. “Vertigo”. Curated by Full Pull. Malmo, Sweden. 2 September
*La Casa Encendida. Sound performance. “Campanas”. Curated by Bastien Gallet. Madrid, Spain. 20 April
*Centro Cultural Gran Capitan. Installation. “El Prat”. Curated by Chema de Francisco. Granada, Spain.10 March – 10 June


*Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Installation, “Billowy Mass”. Curated by Etat. Taipei, Taiwan. September-November
*AARA Gallery. Installation and concert. “Hanging Sound”. Curated by Marti Manen. Bangkok, Thailand. June-September
*CCCB. Center of Contemporary Art, Barcelona. Installation. “El Prat”. Curated by Sonar.Barcelona, Spain. June


*Archipel. Installation. “Yarning Detroit”. Curated by Bastian Gallet. Geneva. March
*ICC InterCommunications Center. Installation. “Belen 2”. Curated by Minoru Hatanaka. Tokyo, Japan. 11 July – 28 September
*Alza Cultural Center. Performance. Curated by Xavi Erkizia. San Sebastian, Spain. March


*De Appel Institute of Contemporary Art. Performance. Amsterdam, NL. November
*Museum of Contemporary Art, Sevilla. Performance, Spain. 26 September *Leslie Tonkonow artworks + projects. Video installation. (Collaboration with Peter Campus.) New York. September 5 – October 26
*OK Center for Contemporary Art. Video installation and performance. Linz, Austria. 7 September – 22 September.
*Palais de Tokyo. Center of Contemporary Art. Performance. Paris, France. 6 April
*Museum of New Art. Performance. Detroit, USA. May 2001
*Museum of Modern Art, Grand-Duc Jean. Performance. Luxembourg. 31 November
*Audio-Lab project traveling to these five museums:
1. Museum of Modern Art. Strasbourg. Salon de Musique. From 13 June to 13 September
2. Centre Georges Pompidou. Paris. From 11 to 22 September
3. Museum of Modern Art, Grand-Duc Jean. Luxembourg. November - December 4. Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art. Copenhagen. October - December 2002 5. La Casa Encendida. Madrid. June-September
*Ex Teresa Center for Contemporary Art. Installation and performance. Mexico City. June-July


*Knitting Factory. Performance. New York. 23 February 1999


*The Kitchen. Performance. New York. January 1998

Selected curating:

*Curators with works by Michel Auder, Peter Campus, Goodiepal, Kenneth Goldsmith, Marjetica Potrc, Sharmila Samant, Steve Roden and more. 2008- Present
*Co-founders, curators and directors of Lucky Kitchen: publisher of sound art, documentary and electro-acoustic music. New York, Barcelona, Oslo. 1997-Present *Founders, co-curators and board members of INCA: INSTITUTE FOR NEO- CONNOTATIVE ACTION. Artist/poet/scholar in residency, exhibition and lecture space. Detroit, Michigan 2011-Present
*Curators “Library of INCA”. Per-Oskar Leu, Frido Evers, Lina Persson, Aurora Harris, Hamilton Poe and Cary Loren. INCA. Detroit, Michigan. 25 August- 30 October 2012
*Curators “Things as they are”. Mikko Kuorinki. INCA. Detroit, Michigan. 22 July-5 August.
*Curators “INCA Summer #1”. Ulrika Gomm and Harun Farocki. INCA. Detroit, Michigan. 24 June July 2012
*Curators “Letter”. Aleksandra Domanovic, Toril Johannessen, Bern Porter, Ignacio Uriarte and Joel Peterson. INCA. Detroit, Michigan. 6 January 2012
*Curators “Readings by poets Charles Bernstein and Corina Copp”. DAC, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Book Festival. New York. 17 September 2011 *Co-curators “Salon #1”. Camille Norment, Olayami Dabls, Ragnhild Aamas, No Gods No Parents, Thumbs Up and John Olson. INCA. Detroit, Michigan. 29 July 2011 *Co-curators with Will Bradley. “Invasion!” Kunsthall Oslo. September 4 2010

Selected grants:

*Office for Contemporary Art. (OCA) International support grant. Oslo, Norway. February 2012
*Art Council Norway. Project grant for INCA “Institute for Neo Connotative Action”. Oslo, Norway. March 2011
*Office for Contemporary Art. (OCA) International support grant. Oslo, Norway. February 2011
*Salinas- Norske Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond. 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Norway *Office for Contemporary Art. (OCA) International support grant. Oslo, Norway. September 2010
*Office for Contemporary Art. (OCA) International support grant. Oslo, Norway. February 2010
*Office for Contemporary Art. (OCA) International support grant. Oslo, Norway. May 2009
*Yageo Foundation. Grant for “Billowy Mass”. Taipei, Taiwan September 2005
*Instituto Cervantes, Lisbon. Grant for ”Porto, Folklore Vo. 2”. Lisbon, Portugal. December 2004
*The Scottish Art Council. Grant, International Projects in Scotland. December 2001

Selected residencies:

*Iaspis. International Artists Studio Program in Sweden. Stockholm. January-April 2012 *Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art. Artist in Residence. Porto, Portugal. April- June 2005
*Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Artist in Residence. Taipei, Taiwan. September-November 2005
*Mobile Academy. Artist in Residence. Hebbel am Ufer Theatre. Berlin. September 2004

Selected works in permanent collections:

*Ministry for Culture and Communication, Paris. Collection. Paris, France. February 2004
*Musee d’Art Moderne, Grand-Duc Jean. Luxembourg. Collection. Luxembourg. 2002

Selected prizes:

*Prix Ars Electronica. 2002 Award of Distinction, Digital Music. Linz, Austria. September 2002
*Prix Ars Electronica. 2001 Honorary Mention, Digital Music. Linz, Austria. September 2001

Selected discography:

*Alejandra and Aeron, 10” Picture Disk, Onomatopee, The Netherlands. November 2008 *Alejandra and Aeron, Billowy Mass. CD. Kning Disk. Goteborg, Sweden. August 2007
*Alejandra and Aeron, Be Mine. CD. Lucky Kitchen. Barcelona. July 2005 *Alejandra and Aeron, Porto. CD. Lucky Kitchen. Barcelona. May 2005 *Alejandra and Aeron, The Lost Cat. CD. Krabbesholm Artist CD series. Skive, Denmark. April 2004
*Alejandra and Aeron, Scotch Monsters. CD. Softl Music. Cologne. April 2003 *Alejandra and Aeron, Bousha Blue Blazes. CD. Orthlorng Musork. San Francisco. December 2002
*Alejandra and Aeron, Scotch Monsters. 12" vinyl. Bottrop Boy. Berlin. July 2002 *Alejandra and Aeron, The Tale of Pip. CD. Lucky Kitchen. Spain. September 2001 *Alejandra and Aeron, Kitchen. 12" vinyl. Fat Cat. London. July 2001
*Alejandra and Aeron, Haunted Folklore: Ruinas Encantadas. CD. Lucky Kitchen. Spain February 2001
*Alejandra and Aeron, Folklore Volume 1: La Rioja. CD. Lucky Kitchen. Spain. February 2001
*Aeron Bergman, The Tale of the Unhappy American. CD. Tomlab. Cologne. January 2001
*Alejandra Salinas, Home Tapes. 10” vinyl. Lucky Kitchen. London. December 2000 *Aeron Bergman, The Shed Record. CD. Diskono. Scotland. August 2000
*We have also participated in over 50 audio compilations and collaborations such as the Leonardo Music Journal. CD series. Volume 13. (MIT Press), Ultra Red: "Public Space Occupations." L.A. and the Goodiebag 7" series by Goodiepal

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Selected radio and television:

*Swedish Radio. One-hour radio broadcast of sound work. Monitor. P2. June 13, 2012
*West German Radio (WDR). One-hour radio piece commission by Studio Akustische Kunst. “My House Burned But The Cherry Tree in My Garden Scatters Its Blossoms As If Nothing Had Happened”. Cologne, Germany. Aired April 8, 2011. *Sudwestrundfunks radio, (SWR2). Hour-long interview and retrospective. Cologne, Germany. Aired October 2007
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Selected teaching and seminars:

*Bergman- Professor and chair of Intermedia, Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2007- Present
*Academy of Fine Art, Umeå. Seminar. Sweden. 2012
*Malmö Art Academy. KUNO Sound Art MA and KUNO network. Guest teachers. 2011
*International Academy of Art, Palestine. Ramallah. Guest teachers. 2010- 2011
*Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Seminar. September 2010
*Salinas- Visiting Lecturer in Video, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 2009
*University of Copenhagen. Lecture. 30 November 2007
*Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. Lecture. 29 November 2007
*Krabbesholm Höjskole. Guest instructors. Skive, Denmark. 2002 - 2007
*Academy of Fine Art, Umeå. Seminar. Sweden. 2007
*Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee. Seminar. Scotland. 2005 *Dundee Contemporary Arts. Lecture. Scotland. 2005
*The Santa Monica Center for Contemporary Art. Lecture. Barcelona, Spain. 2004 *Alza Cultural Center. Seminar. Donostia, Spain. 2002
*Breda Art Academy. Lecture. Breda, The Netherlands. 2001
*The University of Chicago. Lecture. USA. 2001


New York University, New York. 1999 (Master, Art)
University of Toronto. Toronto 1996 (Master, Art History)
Michigan State University. East Lansing. 1994 (Bachelor, Art History)

Valand School of Fine Arts, Gøteborg, Sweden. 2008 (Master, Fine Art)
School of Visual Arts, New York, USA. 1998 - 1999 (Fine Art)
Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada. 1997- 1998 (Fine Art)