Adrian Ward

Member Since January 1, 1996

Adrian Ward creates autogenerative software-based artworks that operate as visual and musical systems. By doing so, he brings into question the fundamental assumptions regarding artisic function (authority, authorship and the dematerialisation of the artist) and poses new ways in which to deploy creativity (by posing these artworks as usable applications, games and utilities).

Signwave was started as an exploratory website for interactive new media around 4 years ago, and his since gone on to become a commercial company, based in East London, specialising in generative and interactive internet

Adrian graduated with a 1st class honours degree from MediaLab Arts at Plymouth University (part of CAiiA-STAR) last year and has gone on to present two papers at the Generative Arts conferences in Milan, and has had his work published by Lovebytes in Sheffield as part of their Digital Space programme. He is currently working on a number of self-initiated projects at Signwave and also collaborates with a range of artists (such as the performance artist Stuart Brisley), and creates generative microsound music with Alex McLean under the name of 'Slub'.