aarnoud rommens


Member Since May 15, 2005


Kortrijk, BE.

2001 -

PhD studies. University of Leuven, BE.
2000 - 2001

Advanced studies in Theory of Literature. University of British Columbia. Vancouver, CA.
1999 - 2000

Complementary studies in Cultural Studies. University of Leuven, BE.
1995 - 1999

MA English Literature and Linguistics (thesis on Thomas Pynchon). University of Leuven, BE.

Professional activities
2003 -

Freelance translator.
2001 - 2003

Member of staff [exhibitions of Lorenzo Mattotti (2001), Dupuy&Berberian (2002), Dave McKean (2003)]. Beeld Beeld Foundation. Leuven, BE.

Researcher. Flemish Foundation for Literature (VFL). Antwerp, BE.

Kafka in comics [exhibition and presentation of the FREON collective]. Now FREMOK - FRMK. Leuven, BE.

Subsidies and the graphic novel [research project]. Beeld Beeld Foundation, Leuven, BE.


Comics in camouflage: Alberto Breccia and Guillermo Saccomanno’s “William Wilson”

as catalyst for memory. In: Poetics Today. Duke University Press, US.

Sand in your eyes. In: Dirk De Geest & Anneleen Masschelein (Eds.), A homeless concept. Figures of the Unheimlich in 20th-century theory, literature, film and culture. Leuven, BE: Leuven University Press.

Manga story-telling / showing. In: Image & Narrative, 1, August.

Additional reviews in Image & Narrative, Poetics Today


Comics exhibitions and the re-animation of the Flemish graphic novel. In: Comics &

policy. Leuven, BE: Institute for Cultural Studies, University of Leuven.

Remembering the future: Christopher Nolan’s Memento. In: Sixth international

conference on word & image. Hamburg, DE: University of Hamburg.