Sergio Maltagliati


Member Since January 21, 2002

Sergio Maltagliati,
lives and works in Florence, Italy.
He’s a composer who joined, at the end of the eighties, the Florentine artistic current.

In 1997 he raised a series of audio-visual installation for the web.

In 1997 he made (with Pietro Grossi)the first italian interactive-collaborative work "netOper@".
The opera is an audio and visual work, with real and virtual on-line performaces.
In 1999, he writes the program autom@tedVisualMusiC.
In 2001 he raised a new work for the Web and GSM networks with cellular phones called "neXtOper@".

Now he uses a personal computer to set up interactive works, and programming
new automated and generative visual-music software.

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