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SUDLAB is a hi-tech openlab devoted to communication and artistic and cultural research. An open venue created for stimulating integrated design and creative interaction. An ideal platform for promoting the very best of glocal art and culture. A cross-disciplinary research and social workshop.

All SUDLAB activities are actively founded on the principles of free association and cooperation, as well as on the creation and shearing of quality ideas and contents. Arts reunited, cross-disciplinary and international comparison, research and skill sharing, for worldwide collective communication involving not only art, but also personal competences and ideas. As a matter of fact, creative and geographical seclusion often keep southern creative artists away from spotlight. In addition, even the best ideas die out if there are not supported by an organized group including the most talented people, the strongest motivations, specialist skills and quality projects, along with the resources needed to realize them .

SUDLAB is a venue that welcomes all those who wish to share their interests, offering them a network of top ranking Websites on the leading search engines, specific media and communication know-how, software and hardware tools, high profile professional relations for exchange and interaction and a physical location for meeting, imagining, designing and realizing together artistic-cultural events and projects of superior standing.

If SUDLAB's ideals reflect your owns, and you would like to take part in our projects and our network by joining an open, culture-oriented and dynamic community, please contact us for further informations.