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SUDLAB is a hi-tech openlab devoted to communication and artistic and cultural research. An open venue created for stimulating integrated design and creative interaction. An ideal platform for promoting the very best of glocal art and culture. A cross-disciplinary research and social workshop.

All SUDLAB activities are actively founded on the principles of free association and cooperation, as well as on the creation and shearing of quality ideas and contents. Arts reunited, cross-disciplinary and international comparison, research and skill sharing, for worldwide collective communication involving not only art, but also personal competences and ideas. As a matter of fact, creative and geographical seclusion often keep southern creative artists away from spotlight. In addition, even the best ideas die out if there are not supported by an organized group including the most talented people, the strongest motivations, specialist skills and quality projects, along with the resources needed to realize them .

SUDLAB is a venue that welcomes all those who wish to share their interests, offering them a network of top ranking Websites on the leading search engines, specific media and communication know-how, software and hardware tools, high profile professional relations for exchange and interaction and a physical location for meeting, imagining, designing and realizing together artistic-cultural events and projects of superior standing.

If SUDLAB's ideals reflect your owns, and you would like to take part in our projects and our network by joining an open, culture-oriented and dynamic community, please contact us for further informations.
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Wed Mar 05, 2014 23:00

Portici, Italy

Can bodies interact on the web without being p̲o̲r̲n̲o̲g̲r̲a̲p̲h̲i̲c̲ ?

SUDLAB | Art Residency presents



During the residence period at SUDLAB, Nicoletta Cabassi and Simona Lisi will connect with Twitter users for a creative exchange on the organic implications of virtual communication.

Interact with us on Twitter logging in to your Twitter account at this link ---->

Project's official Twitter ----> @taghash_tag


- from Sunday 02/03 to Tuesday 04/03 from 5pm to 7pm
- Wednesday 05/03 from 2pm to 3pm and from 9pm to 11pm


Possono i corpi interagire in rete senza essere pornografici?

SUDLAB | Art Residency presenta



Durante il periodo di residenza al SUDLAB, Nicoletta Cabassi e Simona Lisi si connetteranno con gli utenti di Twitter per uno scambio creativo sulle implicazioni organiche della comunicazione virtuale.

Interagisci con noi su Twitter effettuando il log in al tuo profilo Twitter a questo link ---->

Profilo ufficiale Twitter del progetto ----> @taghash_tag


- da domenica 02/03 a martedì 04/03 dalle ore 17 alle 19
- mercoledì 5 Marzo dalle ore 14 alle 15 e dalle ore 21 alle 23

Simona Lisi |

Nicoletta Cabassi |

' Call for interaction' è la II tappa di Hash_Tag
un progetto di LISI/CABASSI
con il sostegno di SUDLAB (Portici-NA)
Artgarage (Pozzuoli-NA)



Fri Jan 24, 2014 19:00 - Mon Feb 24, 2014

Portici, Italy


SUDLAB as part of the program SUDLAB | NEW MEDIA ART presents the group exhibition "Tactical Glitches" curated by Rosa Menkman (NL) and Nick Briz (USA)

"Technologies come with expectations, but these expectations
aren’t always met.
An mp3 might skip and crackle. A computer monitor
might—for a moment—show shards instead of windows.
A website might
hick­up on load and scramble its contents. When this happens, we call this unexpected occurrence a glitch.
While these moments are rarely anticipated and usually unwelcome, they are at times intentionally
provoked. The result of this intentional and creative instigation is what we often call GLITCH ART." (Rosa Menkman, Nick Briz)


- glitchr (LT)
- Theo Darst (USA)
- Pox Party (USA)
- Karaoke (UK - ROK)
- Ana Hui Zhang (CN)
- Sherpa (GT)
- Benjamin Gaulon (FR)
- Tatjiana Marusic (CH / DE / HR)
- Nancy Mauro-Flude (AUS)

Vernissage : 24_01_014 ore 19
Finissage : 24_02_014 ore 18

Curators talk : 24_01_014 - ore 19:45
Moderator : Domenico Quaranta (ITA) -
(Contemporary art critic and curator, lecturer at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and artistic director of the LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age)

To complete the IRL show "Tactical Glitches" there will be launched an open call on the platform "0p3nr3p0".—an open/public repository of glitch art worx organized by Nick Briz && Joseph Yølk Chiocchi—will be administering an ongoing open call for web pieces ( video, images, sound, html ) to be featured online and IRL at Sudlab during the exhibition. More information here
We are happy to announce that during the opening night there will be a special treat for our guests. To end the evening the best way we will present a music project curated by GLTI.CH entitled "Breaks"

GLTI.CH Breaks
GLTI.CH collaborates with with adventurous DJs in cities around the world to kludge together a live, energy-fuelled party of unexpected beats and breaks that turns technical breakdowns into reasons to breakdown! Come to the Tactical Glitches opening night to dance to delays direct from London, San Francisco, South Korea and further afield.

Cover image artworks: Corrupting Miley Cyrus by Theo Darst and Untitled by glitchr)

TACTICAL GLITCHES (the website):
TACTICAL GLITCHES event on Facebook:

II Viale Melina 4
80055 Portici (NA)


Workshop | Video Mapping and Sound Design

Wed Nov 27, 2013 09:00 - Sun Dec 01, 2013

Portici, Italy


Competenze avanzate per la realizzazione
di una performance completa di mapping audio/video.
5 giorni, 30 ore ore teorico/pratiche su strumentazioni e software utilizzati nelle tecniche di Video Mapping e Sound Design.
La seconda edizione del workshop di Video Mapping affronterà ed amplierà l’offerta formativa con moduli di Sound Design.
Ci si approccerà con il proprio spirito creativo alla realizzazione di un concept e lo si svilupperà in un team diviso per ruoli, seguiti dai docenti Donato Maniello e Luigi Console ( / modulo Videomapping) e da e Matteo Martignoni del collettivo Kanaka project ( / modulo Sound Design).

Il workshop si propone nell'ottica di dare competenze più avanzate e complete nella realizzazione di una performance di mapping audio/video.

Per info:

Per iscriversi:
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- GloWarp --->



Well-advanced competences for the creation of a complete audio/video mapping performance.
5 days for a total of 30 hours to learn about equipment and software used in Video mapping and Sound Design techniques.
The second edition of Video mapping workshop will process and extend the educational project with Sound Design modules.
The attenders will take part in the creation of a concept with their own creative spirit and they will develop it in a team in which everyone will have his role, assisted by the instructors Donato Maniello and Luigi Console ( / Videomapping module) and by Matteo Martignoni from Kanaka project collective ( / Sound Design module).

The workshop aims to give more innovative and complete competences for the creation of a audio/video mapping performance.

For more infos :

To enroll:
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Передовые компетенции для реализации полного перформанса аудио/видео маппинга.
5 дней, 30 часов теории практики с инструментацией и софтверами, используемыми в техниках видео-маппинга и саунд-дизайна.
Второй этап воркшопа видео-маппинга обогатит учебную программу модулями саунд-дизайна.
Подойдём в индивидуальном творческом духе к реализации концепта, который затем будет развит поделенной на роли командой, под руководством доцентов Донато Маниелло и Луиджи Консоле ( / модуль видео-маппинг) и Маттео Мартиньони, Kanaka Project ( / модуль саунд-дизайн).

Воркшоп организован с целью дать самые новаторские и полные компетенции в реализации перформанса аудио/видео маппинга.

Для инфо:

- SUDLAB --->
- GloWarp --->



The Decelerator | SUDLAB | New Media Art

Fri Dec 13, 2013 18:00 - Mon Jan 13, 2014

Portici, Italy


SUDLAB will host The Decelerator, an itinerant exhibition project by Leo Kuelbs, Adam Nankervis, Kosma Zsolt, and Amelie Zadeh. The Decelerator is a multi-city video installation which has been presented at AllanNederpelt (New York), Videospace (Budapest), Sur la Montagne (Berlin) and at the European House of Art Upper Bavaria – Schafhof. SUDLAB, as a node of the network of The Decelerator, will present the project in a striking new installation.
The works of eight video artists with the over-arching soundtrack “Obedient Agogic”, exclusively composed for the project by Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten), will create an enveloping audiovisual landscape.

Participating video artists:

Danielle de Picciotto / Berlin-New York
Tomas Eller / Wien
Richard Jochum / New York
Denis Salivanov / Ukraine
Vadim Schäffler / Berlin
Gábor Tóth aka tgnoise / Budapest
Ryan Uzilevsky / New York
João Vasco Paiva / Porto

Sound: Alexander Hacke / Berlin-New
Concept: Leo Kuelbs / New York-Berlin

Leo Kuelbs / New York-Berlin
Adam Nankervis / Berlin
Zsolt Kozma / Brüssel
Amelie Zadeh /

(A limited edition DVD catalog will also be available at the gallery for a nominal charge.)

SUDLAB | New Media Art



Critical Games: The Golden Mile | SUDLAB | Art Residency |

Thu Nov 14, 2013 19:00 - Sun Dec 08, 2013

Portici, Italy


Critical Games: The Golden Mile
Alexander Jackson Wyatt and Paulina Semkowicz

During their residency at SUDLAB (July 2013), Alexander Jackson Wyatt and Paulina Semkowicz have been elaborating an intermedia practice aiming to rethink the geographical, urban and historical-cultural context of the area at the foot of the Vesuvius. They did so going through “L’Antica via Regia” of Portici, a space from the excavation of Ercolano to the National Park of the Vesuvius reaching the Observatory at the crater of the Vesuvius.
The two artists have lead a participating and estranging observation that has deconstructed the usual perception of the local socio-cultural reality- revealing its latent and unusual aspects thanks to a continuous interaction with local spaces, the inhabitant and the historical sites of the area of the Golden Mile. As much as the place and the community have inspired the aesthetic visual research of Jackson Wyatt and Semkowicz, so did the collective scenario at a micro social level, resulting in continuous renovations of their actions and performances.
The results of their public engagements have flown into a multimedia and interactive environment made of photographs printed using a Xerox copier (Whiteboard, Golden Mile Repository, etc.); digital videos (Lighthouse, Di Vari Gusti (Of Various Flavours)); installations (Miscalculated Sculpture, Mosca) and their photobook Critical Games: The Golden Mile.
Critical Games: The Golden Mile will function as a mobile interface among the exhibition space at SUDLAB and the surrounding area, revealing an alternative representation and fruition of the public space of the area of the Golden Mile.

Paulina Semkowicz
Paulina Semkowicz’s work approaches different artistic terrains such as painting, installation and set design. Her work repeats images and pushes the boundaries of their associations in reference to their surroundings.The intention is to show an interplay of different motives, that redefine the self and its representation in relations to spaces from the past and into the present.
Born in 1980 in Krakow, PL. Studied in Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (diploma 2006). In 2005 studied at the Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade do Porto, Portugal. She has undergone numerous exhibitions and art residencies abroad in cities such as Bordeaux, Leipzig and Naples. Her solo exhibitions include: gallery of Fundacja Atelier (Warsaw, PL, 2010), A Suivre (Bordeaux, FR, 2011), FPSW/Galeria Program (Warsaw, PL, 2012). Lives and works in Krakow.

Alexander Jackson Wyatt
Currently working on projects in Italy, Germany and Slovakia and Sydney, Australia. Alexander Jackson Wyatt works across installation and image production within an exchange with institutions. He operates between spatial intervention and image production to combine spatial issues with aspects of documentary material to form temporal encounters which allow for interactivity and viewer participation.
Born 1989. He studied at the National Art School in Sydney (2007-2010) and finished with First Class Honours in Drawing. During 2011 he undertook studio residencies at SNO Sydney and the Queen Street Studios, and then 2012 at the SPINNEREI in Leipzig. He received an ArtStart Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to set up an emerging arts practice. From October 2012 started working with Armin Linke and Michael Clegg (Clegg and Guttman) as a guest student at the Univeristy for Art and Design (HFG) at the ZKM in Karlsruhe. During this time received the inaugural Giorgio Armani commission, involving subsequent residencies in Milan and Sydney in early 2013 to complete a major new work.

SUDLAB | Art Residency