Nicola Fazzini

Member Since August 26, 2013


Nicola Fazzini (alto sax)

Saverio Tasca (vibes)

Alessandro Fedrigo (acustic bass guitar)

Luca Colussi (drums)

XYQuartet is a band in constant search for new directions in between jazz and contemporary music, improvisational codes and composition genetics.

XYQuartet originates from Nicola Fazzini’s (who plays the alto saxophone) and Alessandro Fedrigo’s (who plays the bass) will to experiment new strategies in composing and improvising

By their sides there are two musicians among the most interesting ones in the Italian jazz scene: Saverio Tasca on the vibraphone and Luca Colussi on the drums.

X and Y are two codes symbolizing the antithesis from which the sound of the quartet rises: contemporary classical music and jazz, composition and improvisation, tradition and innovation, sound and noise.

Several classical music techniques – like serialism, twelve tone technique, intervallic improvisation, modes of limited transposition, non-retrogradable rhythm, aleatoric procedures – are genetically modified to be used in jazz structures and forms - like polyrhythms – and to generate a mix of written and improvised music with deep coherence, homogeneity and originality.

Idea F is the result of this work. It was recorded in March 2012 and published by