LPM is one of the most important international meetings dedicated to artists, professionals and passionates of vjing, visuals and live video performances.

Born in 2004, LPM is conceived to be a place for dialogue, comparison and exchange of information and ideas among artists coming from all over the world.

LPM is flexible, free and open minded: anyone with an idea or a live video project can participate.

The project's goal is to promote the intercultural dialogue and the transnational mobility of live video artists, and support the circulation of live video artworks, projects and products, through the presentation of live performances, workshops, project showcases, software and brand new products.

LPM is also part of AVnode, an international network whose aim is the enhancement and promotion of veejayin culture by organizing events worldwide.

LPM is produced and organized by Flyer Communication, Linux Club,, with the support of the Culture Program of the European Community.
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LPM 2015 Rome - Workshop: Video Mapping with Telenoika

Thu May 28, 2015 15:00

Rome, Italy

Video Mapping with Telenoika | € 150,00
28 -29-30-31 | 15.00 - 18.00 | Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome

- - - - - - -
Four days to learn everything related to Video Mapping techniques, from the project idea to the final realization.
Technical study, optical, video projectors, lux, blueprint, 2d, 3d, music and sound effects.
Taught by Omarprole and VJ Eletroiman, members of the Community Telenoika.


LPM 2015 Rome | Call for proposals!

Tue Apr 21, 2015 00:00

Rome, Italy

The sixteenth edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting begins on May 28, 2015 in Rome, in the spaces of Nuovo Cinema Aquila, the location who already hosted the LPM 2011 Rome edition.

Some of the workshops and panels are featured in dedicated areas of the Sapienza University as the big final party during La Notte Bianca della Sapienza, open air festival fully self­managed and self­financed by the students collectives which takes place in the streets and squares of the campus and after 7 editions has become a very important event which involves more than 15.000 people in a night of debates, theatre, expositions and live performances.
In addition to the Meeting, LPM present the second Artistic Residency at Palazzo Chigi in the City of Formello (RM), produced with the assistance of the Province of Rome and the collaboration of the City of Formello.

The website of LPM XVI Edition is on-line and

Send us your best project or performance and join the most important event on LIVE VIDEO worldwide!We are looking for:

AV Performances
VJ Sets
Live Mapping Performances
Interactive Installations
Project showcase

The registration form is only available on-line and the subscriptions will be accepted until April 21, 2015


Live Cinema Festival 2014 Rome

Wed Sep 17, 2014 20:00 - Sat Sep 20, 2014

Rome, Italy

The first edition of Live Cinema Festival takes place in Rome from September 17th to 20th in the spaces of Teatro Quarticciolo.

Live Cinema Festival is a live performing exhibition that explores and promotes all the artistic trends whom is attributed the term “Live Cinema”, with performances by artists from Italy, Germany, England, Holland, Poland and Belarus, which have made this narrative technique their stylistic code.

The performances proposed in this first edition of Live Cinema Festival tend to explore issues related to social and new media, but also to more introspective concepts emerging on the screen in a new light, enriched by new languages ​​and new meanings.

The program foresees the exhibitions of
Light Surgeons (UK) - VJ Emiko (PL) - Elektro Moon Vision (PL/HU) - Peter Kirn (DE) - Drøp + FAX (DE/IT) - okapi + unz.snu (IT) - Byzond (BL) - dies_ (IT)

Detailed program:

Live Cinema Festival is selected as project of the “Estate Romana 2014″ funded from Rome Government which, through the exhibition of 8 artists, aims to exploit one of the outlying areas of the city, which, thanks to a program that combines emerging and known artists, could become a new center of cultural aggregation.

Live Cinema Festival is a cultural and artistic project, promoted byFlyer communication in co-production with LPM – Live Performers Meeting,, Linux Club, Free Hardware Foundation and Improvearts in collaboration with SIAE ed ACEA with the support of Comune di Roma and approved by AVnode.


LPM 2014 Eindhoven - Workshop: GPU Live-Coding with hexler

Tue Jun 24, 2014 00:00

Eindhoven, Netherlands

LPM 2014 Eindhoven | WORKSHOP FOCUS:
GPU Live-Coding with | € 120,00
June 26-27-28 | 15.00 - 18.00 | Baltan Laboratories

- - - - - - -
This workshop is focused on the introduction to GPU Live-Coding.
In this introduction to Visual Live-Coding, the developer presents a tool to do on-the-fly live visual programming using GPU shaders, which can be made to react to sound, images or input devices to create live-synthesized, real-time images as a performance.
The live-coding aspect in turn enables one to experiment and playfully explore what certain simple changes to numbers and code do, and receive instant visual feedback in the output image.
The aim of the workshop is to make the GPU Shader programming approachable and fun to explore in a creative way, and can serve as a start to dive more deeply into using high-end, modern graphics techniques for digital art.


LPM 2014 Eindhoven - Workshop: LivePerformance w/ Cinder with Reymenta visuals

Tue Jun 24, 2014 15:00

Eindhoven, Netherlands

LPM 2014 Eindhoven | WORKSHOP FOCUS:
LivePerformance w/ Cinder with Reymenta visuals [120 €]
June 27-28 | 17.00 - 21.30 | Lab-1
- - - - - -
Learn to code in C++ with the Cinder framework!

We'll start with the basics:
Cinder setup with Git
New project generation using extension blocks with the Tinderbox app
Anatomy of an app (setup, update, draw)
Setup the development environment: use Visual Studio 2012/2013 (express or pro) or xCode
Learn about the project architecture: setup, update, draw
Use blocks for warping, audio, midi, osc
Use blocks for devices: kinect, leapmotion

Then the teacher will show visual effects on the GPU with pixel shaders (GLSL), and output to Resolume via Spout or Syphon.