LPM is one of the most important international meetings dedicated to artists, professionals and passionates of vjing, visuals and live video performances.

Born in 2004, LPM is conceived to be a place for dialogue, comparison and exchange of information and ideas among artists coming from all over the world.

LPM is flexible, free and open minded: anyone with an idea or a live video project can participate.

The project's goal is to promote the intercultural dialogue and the transnational mobility of live video artists, and support the circulation of live video artworks, projects and products, through the presentation of live performances, workshops, project showcases, software and brand new products.

LPM is also part of AVnode, an international network whose aim is the enhancement and promotion of veejayin culture by organizing events worldwide.

LPM is produced and organized by Flyer Communication, Linux Club,, with the support of the Culture Program of the European Community.
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LPM 2015 ROME - WORKSHOP: Processing in Resolume

Thu May 28, 2015 15:00

Rome, Italy

Processing in Resolume |
28 | 15.00 - 18.00 | Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome

- - - - - - -
This workshop focuses on creating visual art using the Processing programming language in the Resolume environment. Topics covered include building a Processing sketch that can be added to Resolume, controlling Resolume parameters using the Processing sketch, and implementing 3rd party libraries such as physics engines or the Leap Motion controller to work with Resolume.

Example here:

Although this workshop will be focusing on using Spout to get Processing visuals into Resolume, if you have a Mac don’t worry– Syphon for Mac is a similar alternative, and Processing to Resolume control using OSC is platform independent.

Participants should have a Mac or PC with at least two gigs of ram and 2ghz processor, a licensed and current version of Resolume, and a USB stick for transferring files. To take full advantage of Spout your graphics card will need to support the GL Interop extension.

Familiarity with the Processing programming environment is recommended, but not absolutely necessary.

Topics to be covered:
– Quick intro to Processing
– Integrating Spout with Resolume in Processing: resolution and performance quirks and tricks
– Controlling Resolume from Processing: OSC control
– Extending the Processing environment: physics engines (box2D) and 3rd party libraries (Leap, Kinect)

Recommended links:
Touch OSC:
OSC libraries:

Eric Medine is a Los Angeles area artist working in multimedia and video art. Most recently he completed a residency at the Can Serrat Centro de Actividades Artisticas in Barcelona, Spain. He has given numerous lectures, workshops, and presentations on topics such as curating electronic art, hacking video game hardware, and software programming for live video exhibitions. He currently is co-director of, a loosely organized communtiy of video artists working primarily in the field of live video mixing and improvised visuals.

From October of 1999 to October 2004 he ran Drivethru Studios, a not-for-profit, independent gallery dedicated to emerging artists working in painting, video, and sculpture. In June 2002 he curated and contributed to an exhibition with the Faites de la Lumiere group in Marseilles, France, and in the fall of 2002 traveled to Bulgaria to curate and show his own work at the "Second by Second" exhibition at the Lessedra Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 2004 he closed down the Drivethru Studios and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a graduate degree at the Otis School for Art and Design. Since then he has shown work at the Los Angeles Juried Exhibition, the Angels Gate Art Center, Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, the SuperSonic Exhibition at the Barnsdall Art Park in Los Angeles, Walled Cities Gallery in San Pedro, Andrew Shire Gallery in Los Angeles, and the KunstVlaai Exhibition in Amsterdam.


LPM 2015 ROME - WORKSHOP: Tagtool: painting in 3D

Thu May 28, 2015 18:00

Rome, Italy

Tagtool: painting in 3D | € 150,00
28 -29-30-31 | 18.00 - 21.00 | Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome

Tagtool live painting and transition of the digital image into stereoscopic 3D. Workshop will let people experience both tagtool live painting technique and processing the output data into stereoscopic environment, using DIY controllers. Workshop by British painter Frances Sander and stop motion media artist Dima Berzon. Frances and Dima are working together with tagtool since 2009. In 2013 they presented stereoscopic tagtool projection Dreamscape In Three Movements.

Lunchmeat is an audiovisual creative studio as well as an organizer of various public audiovisual events. A core of our work lies in symbiosis of visuals and music. We are always trying to use the projections and sound in an original way. Lunchmeat is based in Prague and is cooperating with talented artists, producers and collectives both in Czech Republic and abroad. Our field of activity goes from the scenogprahy and 3D visualisation, through design, typogrhaphy and graphics work, video art, vjing, street video performances, or event and festival production. In five years of it’s existence, Lunchmeat prepared five annual festival with an international lineup and audience. For a year now we are also running Neone club, venue for progressive electronic music and projections, hosting artists and producers from all over the world. Frequently we are working with the projections and light instalations in the public space (in form of site-specific pefrormance we call "the process" – so the audience can observe the whole process of preparation and execution of the audiovisual piece). We also like to share our experience through workshops and public lectures. Every year we are bringing an interesting abroad artist or studio for two weeks creative art residency. The residents creates annualy an original stage design for the Lunchmeat festival including unique visual set for the headliner of the festival.


LPM 2015 ROME - WORKSHOP: Projection mapping with HeavyM

Sat May 30, 2015 15:00

Rome, Italy

Projection mapping with HeavyM | € 80,00
30-31 | 15.00 - 18.00 | Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome

This 2 x 3 hours workshop is made for people who wants to learn projection mapping from the beginning, and quickly have fun with it !

HeavyM is a ready-to-use projection mapping software developed by Digital Essence, a young team based in France. HeavyM adapts your video content on volumes with an intuitive interface, and it can generate real time graphic animations. No more skills needed ! You can also stream the output with syphon and spout, to use it with more advanced software.

The beta version of HeavyM is currently available on, for Mac OS and Windows.

A developer and a graphist from Digital Essence will help you in your first experience with projection mapping, and will answer to your questions for more advanced project.


LPM 2015 ROME - WORKSHOP: Design in Code – Intro to Processing

Thu May 28, 2015 15:00

Rome, Italy

Design in Code – Intro to Processing | € 80,00
28 -29 | 15.00 - 18.00 | Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome

- - - - - - -
Design in Code is an introduction to Processing. It is a two day workshop designed for graphic designers and media artists who are interested in creating generative graphics and interaction through programming code. Processing is an open source programming language based on JAVA. In this workshop students will learn the basics of programming in Processing and start designing through computer logic.

Fader is a visual artist who works with multimedia in a variety of disciplines. From video mapping, generative animation, music videos, stage design to art installations, his work has been shown to broad audiences around the world. He has exhibited at numerous festivals such as Coachella (Indio), Burningman (Black Rock City), Insomniac Events (Los Angeles), Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) and the Mapping Festival (Geneva). He received a degree in Animation from the Art Center in Pasadena California and went on to teach himself how to write programing code for his audio/video performances. He founded the Neuromixer VJ software company in 2004 which features video software and innovative prototypes like faderTouch. He continues to exhibit internationally, expanding his techniques and finding new applications.

No previous programming experience is necessary, Mac or PC users are welcome!

– Bring a laptop (PC/Mac)
– Install Processing software on your laptop, click here to visit the download page.

What you will learn:
- Overview of the Processing programming environment.
- Basic interactions using Keyboard and Mouse.
- Introduction to “Variables”, “Operators” and “if” statement.
- Importing, manipulating and animating images (JPG, PNG, and Vector graphics).
- Basic motion manipulation using code.
- “Arrays” and “For Loop” operations.
- Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
- Exporting still images
- Basics of 3D environment.
- MIDI device input
- Live camera input analysis
- live audio/sound input analysis

- a collection of top favorite sketches.
- an online exhibition of works created using Processing.


LPM 2015 Rome - Workshop:Quartz Composer

Thu May 28, 2015 18:00

Rome, Italy

Quartz Composer with XX+XY visuals | € 150,00
28 -29-30-31 | 18.00 - 21.00 | Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome

- - - - - - -

4 days Workshop in Quartz Composer, from basic to live visual interaction, in Italian and also English.

Quartz Composer is a visual programming environment designed for creating interactive video and graphics in a real-time environment that can interact with external inputs. It is particularly useful for experimenting with interactive video art and live performances.

XX+XY visuals (and sound art project) are Rome, Italy based multimedia duo of Sladzana Bogeska and Giuseppe Pradella. Collaborate and perform together since 2006.
In 2012 they released their first audio-video work on DVD: "Luma", an extremely slow transforming abstraction that alludes to landscape topologies andpsycophysiographical terrains. In the same year, they are involved with the audiovisual piece "Matter States" in "Störung: Sound & Visual Art " DVD released by the spanish label Störung. In 2013 present their latest audio visual work "Zenith".
In 2014 their latest collaboration on sound visualization, with the sound artist France Jobin and Fabio Perletta, "Mirror Neurons", made its world debut at Synergetica Screning at A × S / ak-sis festival in Pasadena, California.


Intro to QC visual programming environment
Tutorials covering the basics featured:
Overview on QC settings and preferences;
QC Interface: The Editor and Viewer Window;
The Viewer coordinates and the Aspect Ratio menu;
Introduction to Patches and how to use them;
Library and Patch creator. MACRO patch and levels / The Evaluation Path in QC;
The Patch Inspector / The Input Parameters pane / The Settings pane;
Patch Ports and publication of ports (Inspecting Port values);
Publishing inputs and Use of Input Splitter;
Data types;
Installing plugins

Creating real-time video graphics and animations through tutorials as:
How to Display correctly image and video files; Play a movie file and Control the movie;
Create 2D & 3D animations;
How to Apply and Create Visual effects (addition, fades, feedback etc)
Blending and Masking;
Render in image and why u should use it;

Using Multiplexer;
Using Structures;
Use of Iterator;

CONTROL your animation with Interpolation, LFO, Random, Noise, Toogle, Watch, Patch Time etc.


Creating real-time animations using external inputs and manage their settings
Using Audio Input in QC with QC standard (included: Audio input; Audio Processor) patches and with Kineme Audio input plugins;
Midi controller use in QC;
Communication between applications
Midi/Audio settings (IAC)

Plugins integration: Kineme Audio Tools, Kineme GL Tools
v002 Syphon
Recording external data through Syphon. Learn how to pipe video between applications using Syphon.
Integration with other applications for live video performance as CoGe and VDMX,
Tips for live video performance.