Jeroen van Loon

Member Since December 16, 2011

The projects of Jeroen van Loon are at the intersection of technology and contemporary culture. His fascination revolves around the (non-) impact of digital technology in our society. In his work he documents and visualizes digital culture, both online and offline.

Van Loon received a Master in Design for Digital Cultures in 2010 at the School of Arts in Utrecht. His graduation project From Digital To Analogue was labeled as one of the most innovative projects of 2010 by Bright Magazine and in 2012 he gave a short TED talk in Amsterdam.


LIFE NEEDS INTERNET - documenting digital culture through handwritten letters

The goal of Life Needs Internet is to document how we currently feel about the Internet. This differs per culture, generation, country or even city; there is no global digital culture. It’s a simple, low-cost and low-tech way to document thoughts and feelings. In Life Needs Internet the global influence of the Internet is preserved through a traditional medium; each handwritten letter is a unique cultural artifact. Together these letters create an archaeological insight into digital culture.