European League of Institutes of the Arts

Member Since December 6, 2012

ELIA is the primary independent network organisation for higher arts education. With aprox. 300 members in 47 countries, it represents over 300,000 students. ELIA advocates the arts on the European level, as well as the international level. ELIA creates new opportunities for its members and facilitates the exchange of best practices.

Together with its member institutions, ELIA initiates conferences, symposia, publications and research projects, targeting all sectors of the higher arts education community - artists, teachers, leaders, managers and students - as well as the wider public.
Representing all disciplines in the arts, ELIA has well established links with other networks and cultural organisations worldwide and with National and International authorities.

ELIA’s Biennial Conferences profile current developments in higher arts education and facilitate dialogue, while its Teachers’ Academy and Leadership Symposium focus on specialized themes. ELIA co-hosts all these events with member institutions, providing a vital networking function. Moreover, members can use the large international ELIA network to promote and disseminate their events, publications and conferences.

ELIA manages both institution and student-centred projects.

SHARE is an international networking project, with 39 contributing partners in 36 countries, and structural support from the EU, working together on enhancing the ‘3rd cycle’ of arts research and education. The project creates a European-wide exchange framework for the widely different experiences, practices and ideas that make up the lively domain of artistic and cultural research.

A variety of student-centred projects reflects the level of excellence and achievement at member institutions. The annual NEU/NOW Festival showcases graduating students, both live and online, and various competitions offer unique opportunities for selected students
New projects are always in the pipeline, whether initiated with an eye to the interests of members or in response to opportunities created through broader educational policy development and programmes.

ELIA has over 20 years’ experience in representing higher arts education in Europe. Its Executive Office, elected Board, specialist steering groups and members all provide the organisation with a wealth of expertise that bolsters its advocacy and forms an extensive resource for research, the development of new projects and networks, policy review and future scenario planning.

ELIA makes this expertise accessible through Quality Assurance-resources, peer review visits on curriculum development, publications, extensive archives, continually developing web-based environments, and much more.

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