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Beyond the Pale: Valentine's Exhibition at Con Artist Gallery

Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:00 - Sun Feb 16, 2014

New York, New York
United States of America

Con Artist presents “Beyond the Pale”, a Valentine’s Day show that celebrates love in its most intense manifestations. Love emerges in unexpected places, grows into passion, and not infrequently goes hand in hand with insanity. In “Beyond the Pale” artists showcase the taboo side of infatuation. They explore the twisted connections between affection and violence, the narrative of two young lovers in a struggle against the world, the fervent agony of unrequited devotion, and the awkward ignorance of the martyred saint who gave Western culture its cheesiest holiday.

Opening Party 02.14.14 8pm until late


Master of None

Tue Dec 17, 2013 19:00 - Fri Jan 03, 2014

New York, New York
United States of America

AT: Con Artist Gallery, 119 Ludlow St.
OPEN: December 17, 2013 - January 03, 2014
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am to 4pm

Gallery Nights
12.17.2013 Tuesday 7 til 11 /// Vernissage
12.18.2013 Wednesday 7 til 11 /// Opening Party
12.27.2013 Friday 7 til 11 /// Gallery Night
01.03.2014 Friday 7 til 11 /// Closing Party

“Master of None” showcases works outside of each contributing artist’s primary discipline. Creative impulse and vision is what unites artists, and transcends the defining confines of individual palettes. Con Artists are not bound by medium. Contributing artists include: Patrick Grzelewski, Jasmine Zimmerman, Simon Scott, Brandon Wisecarver, Meghan Borah, Chris Tandy, Monique Toro, Sarah Wang, Shaina Yang, Polet Guzman, Angela Viens, Samantha Silver, Peter Yip, Zaria Poem.

Con Artist Collective and Gallery
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002
For more info, Contact Brian Shevlin:
Mobile: 646 504 2323


Lädy Millard, "LUXURY"

Wed Sep 18, 2013 20:00 - Wed Oct 02, 2013

NY, New York
United States of America

Lädy Millard is an artist and a movement.
From her empirical experiences, Lädy Millard “appropriates” common iconography to not only claim her power, but also to reference the pervasive force of its imagery. As a social commentator and street anthropologist, Lädy Millard incorporates the environment to manipulate her audience's view of their reality. Lädy changes our perspective on the definition of "Lädy" itself.

“LUXURY” (A demise of culture and class.) Lädy Millard challenges the viewer’s experiences as a silent reflection of terrorism equating to luxury and “The decay of today’s cultural values.” Selected works include 2 dimensional pieces as well as a digital short shown in an ongoing loop. This is the first time Lädy’s digital work will be seen publicly.
Lädy Millard has been spreading her street anthropology since 2001 and in recent years has displayed work throughout the streets of New York City as well as San Francisco, New Zealand and many more. Although trained in different schools in New York City including the Art Students League, The High School of Art and Design and The Fashion Institute of Technology, Lädy refers to herself as an untrained artist because of her social experiences while attending school.
Recent exhibitions include 111 Minna and other group shows across the country. The "Luxury" show is currently featured in an article about Lädy in the Huffington Post:

Dates: September 18 - October 2nd 2013
09.18.2013 Wednesday /// Opening Party 8-11pm
09.25.2013 Wednesday /// Gallery Night 8-11pm
10.02.2013 Wednesday /// Closing Party 8-11pm



Thu Sep 19, 2013 18:00 - Thu Sep 19, 2013

NY, New York
United States of America

“Members Only” Con Artist Collective Group Show
AT: Superchief Gallery at CultureFix

Con Artist is pleased to announce its unveiling of the group exhibition, Members Only at CultureFix. The show features artists from the Con Artist collective under the curatorial theme of the self nude, and drawing inspiration from the exhibition style of the Academic Salons of 1800’s France. Whether they chose to flaunt what they got, or leave more to the imagination, the members invite you into a private show. This will undoubtedly be one of this summer’s most stark, genuine, and uncomfortably honest exhibitions. The nude is a trope figure in art history, acting as subject and metaphor. For whatever reason we do this: necessity, narcissism, a quest for deeper understanding, even boredom...The results are sure to be telling. We Con Artists stand here in the buff, but stand for so much more.

Con Artist is a collective of over 100 artists based out of the Lower East Side, founded by Brian Shevlin. Con Artist is a Gallery upstairs, shared workspace below. Their mission is to promote emerging artists, providing a space and community for growth and exploration in the arts. Members Only was organized by artist Sessa Englund.

Dates: 9.17.13-9.22.13
09.19.2013 Thursday 6-10pm Opening Party
@Superchief Gallery @ CultureFix
9 Clinton St. NY NY 10002

Participating artists include: Nicole Salomon, Elizabeth Knowlton, Lady Millard, Geoff Green, Shaina Aniahs Yang, Cynthia K. Cortes, Matt Smoak, Scott Andrews, Liaizon Wakest, Aprajita Anand, Ryan Wijayaratne, Lisa Hokans, Sarah Wang, Christopher A Quizhpe, Saroj Patel, Julia Pascone, Elke Reva Sudin, Brian Shevlin, Jon Mann, Daniel Lamanna, Sonja Lessley, Ko Smith, Tag Brum, Eric Steginsky, Rebecca Sherman, Miriam Braverman, Miranda Nichols, Michael Sharp, Joseph Pinlac, Maria Petrovskaya, Anna Fawcus, George Foreman, Audrey Ryan, Paul John, and MADP$$YTAT$.



Wed Aug 21, 2013 20:00 - Wed Sep 04, 2013

NY, New York
United States of America


Exploring the intersection between the two artists, ANIMALIA seeks to touch on the imaginations unknown across boundaries in the unconscious realm of white lines and black. Proportionless figures fight with the constraint of the blank page. Growing up in the mind of colorful chaos, playful figures and dark dreams fight, play, and fuck their way through life. Playing make- believe with old world souls and new world behaviors, we become our own gods...creating the world through the lens of a baby snail.

08.21.2013 Wednesday /// Opening Party 8pm - 11pm
Opening Party includes existential pop synth by Montréal-based musician Marie Davidson.
08.28.2013 Wednesday /// Gallery Night 8pm- 11pm
09.04.2013 Wednesday /// Closing Party 8pm - 11pm