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Celeste Network is an online network where artists and arts professionals from around the world share their common interests in contemporary art, encourage new projects, and promote their work in a positive and active online community of like-minded individuals.

Celeste Network has 55,000 signed-up members and more than 10,000 visitors a day.
Connects artists, galleries, critics, curators, collectors, museum and foundation directors, public arts administrators and the general public. Celeste offers one of the most advanced and innovative web platforms from which to organise and promote one’s art work, publicise events, organise exhibitions, and make contact with like-minded professionals to develop ideas and projects in the future.

A dynamic presence which enables artists and arts professionals to share experiences, knowledge and creativity within a global art community. 10,000 people visit Celeste Network every day, making it an invaluable motor for opportunities of contact, to receive and make criticism, being part of ongoing global promotion via a number of onsite activities and priority visualisations. Members benefit from global communications, word-of-web referrals, have their works archived and searched-for according to the most upto date methods of online research, as well as being alerted instantly of others working with similar interests and content around the world.