Benjamin Fox

Member Since February 19, 2011

About the filmmaker & his work

Born UK 1975. Artist-filmmaker currently living in Hackney, London.

Combining film and animation as agents to develop and fuse a menagerie of art forms into idiosyncratic works, Mr Fox enjoys exploring his imagination and the world around him, making associations between these levels of consciousness.

Curious crafted properties, often in a state of flux, on paths of exploration with the aim of uncovering uncharted alchemical states.

Recent showings and involvements

Deathtripping, VIVID, Birmingham
Thames 21 Photography Show, London
Embrace the Place, Tate Britain, London
Hackney WickED Festival, London
Made Fair, Tunbridge Wells
Floor of the Forest Rummage Sale, Pioneers of The Downtown Scene, Barbican Art Gallery, London
The Rattle group show, Mono, Glasgow
RPM: The Lost Art of LP Covers exhibition, Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria, Canada
17 Artists, Circuit Wisely group show, London

Previous screenings of work include:

Whitechapel Open (London); Bradford Film & Television Festival; Transmediale (Germany); London Literary Festival; Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival; Pandemonium Festival of the Moving Image (London); Graz Biennial on Media + Architecture (Austria)

A Brief Filmography
Wounds (2012);
Craftdelirium (2011);
The Substitute (2005);
The Awakening (2004);
Mystery Senses (1998);
Flipoflyfilm (1998);
Dogmagnet (1997);
Usagi Flux (1996)

Certain films are available online at