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ALEXKIDS is integrated by Jose María Mengíbar and Arnau Roig

Jose María Mengíbar (aka Chema) is a young freelance designer from Spain, based in Bonn (Germany). He is struggling to develop simultaneously a career as a designer and his personal projects in the field of electronic and visual art.

Arnau Roig (aka Multu) is an overeducated communications professor wannabe from Spain, based between Barcelona and Urbana-Champaign (Illinois). He is trying to focus in his academic and teaching career without being able to stop engaging in artistic projects, especially those related to communications.

They met in high school (1996) and have since been inseparable -despite living most of their lives 300-10,000 kilometers away. They share a common interest for communication processes and the creation of useless machinery. They are always thrilled to recuperate and recycle mundane objects into art, fighting the global planned obsolescence in which we live with humor and creativity. They are also the henchmen of the king, and they will let you pass if you win three "janken" matches.