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Member Since March 15, 2005

Website: www.videology.nu

Olga Mink works in the fields of new media, live performance, video- and interactive art,exploring new possibilities in digital representation. With a strong emphasis to conceptual approaches, her work crosses boundaries between music, photography, architecture, poetry, nature, dance, public spaces and engaged themes. Her installation Ballet Mechanique explored the idea of physicality in the virtual (projected) environment, whilst Video_matic employed touch screens and online interactive works as part of a permanent installation for a new building. Work has been released on labels internationally, whilst her expansive live performances been seen in Europe, United States and Japan. Her works have been displayed at Tate Britain, Empac New York, Sonar in Spain, and the Grand Canaria Biennial amongst others. She also works as a curator in audiovisual arts and digital media. Mink lives and works in The Netherlands.