NAMELESS CONSTRUCTOR (aka: | #1: Nameless Constructor)

Nameless Constructor is a generative artwork simulating a canvas painting, inspired to the work of Mark Rothko. This artwork explores the role of visual art as a resource for imagination, a virtual space to rest and to be inspired by forms and colors. Every instance of this electronic painting is "constructed" by iterative loop from an original class described in the code.

Every instance is unique, new and unpredictable.

Full Description

Powered by a random-based digital canvas, Nameless Constructor is an perpetual painting that puts the programming concept of "instance construction form a concrete class" (1) together with the urgent need of an human-understandable output. It's a painting for the eyes and a conceptual object for the mind at the same time.

(1) "In class-based programming, objects are created from classes by subroutines called constructors. An object is an instance of a class, and may be called a class instances or class objects; instantiation is then also known as construction. Not all classes can be instantiated – abstract classes cannot be instantiated, while classes that can be instantiated are called concrete classes." Source:

Additional Notes: - Nameless Constructor is specifically designed to be a cross-platform web-based object, adapting to the screen of all the major mobile or desktop devices. - Adding the link to the home screen will allow iPhone users to enjoy a more immersive experience by avoiding the browser's bars. - A new instance is automatically generated every 15 seconds; to force this process click/tap on the painting or just refresh the page.

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