Ran/dom RMX (2013)

ran/dom protagonists of the world wide web celebrity wannabe!

Full Description

"RAN/dom RMX". The aim of the project is to create a mesmerizing wall collection of the "I wanna be popular" effect of internet on people, boring people, absurd people, funny people, sexy people, crazy people, just people. The videos are of unknown "celebrities" who filmed themselves talking or acting aiming and claiming a bit of notoriety and attentions. There are also bits of video from interview to famous mentally unstable people to make a bridge between the sane and the insane who thanks to the colored video effects are unrecognizable. In this project I used an online text editor of a page on Tumblr to build an online gif installation of gifs made out from videos obtained from many online video sources. After the Prince and Cariou case I can state that this project is not going against any copyright infringement as the bits of video took are not recognizable and are totally different and a lot of them are in public domain. This project is internet friendly as it is visible just online logging to the page, no internet, no project.

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Artist Statement

The revolution is the self/video, people are in front of a video_web camera, people exist!

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