June 28 – 17 August 2013: A Parliament of Lines: Aspects of Scottish Contemporary Drawing. A Room Without A View, By Gosia Wlodarczak & A Head in a Hive of Bees – Selected Drawings – Peter Ellis.

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Artist Statement

June 28 – 17 August 2013. A Room Without A View, By Gosia Wlodarczak. From 28 June – 5 July, Gosia Wlodarczak will be enclosed in a specially designed cube in the gallery, drawing without any exposure to the outside world – literally ‘drawing’ what she can see in the space around her, within the sensory limitation box from 10.30 am to 5 pm daily. Audiences can view the drawing in progress via the live web cam streaming onto a screen within the gallery. The unique creative situation is in contrast to the artist’s socially focused practice. Public program: Fri 5 July 1-2 pm FREE Gosia emerges from the enclosed drawing cube after 17 days to talk about her experience. Audiences will be able to enter the space to reflect on the work.

June 28 – 17 August 2013 A Head in a Hive of Bees – Selected Drawings – Peter Ellis - Strange animals and insects, alien characters and abstract forms, dredged from subconscious thoughts often without a pre-conceived idea. These are the images that permeate artist Peter Ellis’ drawings. Ellis has produced these bizarre works for over 38 years and is well known for his innovative use of animal imagery. The extensive collection of drawings will also showcase Ellis’ scrapbooks and notebooks, which the artist calls “the beginning of things”.Public program: Thurs 25 July 5.30-7 pm L'Âge d'Or: Surrealism, drawing and Me: Peter Ellis will speak about the influence of surrealism and automatic drawing on his work, and introduce the influential Surrealist film L'Âge d'Or Luis Buñuel’s long banned classic short film. Thurs 1 August: 12.30-1.30 pm Peter Ellis artist floor talk.

June 28 – 17 August 2013. A Parliament of Lines: Aspects of Scottish Contemporary Drawing - In a continuing dialogue that RMIT Gallery has engaged with about the role of drawing in contemporary art practice, this international drawing exhibition questions what constitutes a drawing, exploring its boundary with painting, animation and photography. Drawing has remained at the heart of Scottish art education for more than 250 years and Scottish curator Euan Gray has highlighted the creative richness and diversity of the work of artists who are either Scottish or who have passed through the Scottish education system. Public program: Fri 28 June 12.30-1.30pm Euan Gray, curator’s talk.


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